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  1. Same. I'd actually been feeling pretty good about him filling in for Big Mike Evans next week... until last night's game that is... He'd been pretty darn consistent, but I'll be looking for options elsewhere...
  2. Put him and Aaron Jones on the same team and you win by 80 one week only to lose by 60 the next. Sigh.
  3. Now that's an interesting thought. Barkley is clearly not himself, and the Giants are not winning a Super Bowl this year... I think I may try to sneak Gallman onto the end of my bench... Already on the Armstead bandwagon, just in case.
  4. Devin Singletary. Gore just passed Sanders, Singletary just had his first 100yd game. It's time.
  5. Singletary has had the snap majority in games he's played this year. The start is what flipped him from being a supporting-cast to "the guy" in my mind. Just watching the game, Gore really came in as the guy to nail down the 1-2 yard gain. Outside of that, he wasn't often in as "just a running back". I'm starting Singletary with confidence in my FLEX this weekend. I'll flip out with you if it "flips" back to Gore. ✊
  6. We pay attention as tie breakers, but not as definitive be-all-end-all prognostications. I do agree that matchups are wildly overblown in this forum as a whole. They are important to note when someone may have a tougher time hitting their average day, or vice versa, but there's no reason to be moving people 20-40 spots in the rankings based on matchups, which is what this forum would have you believe. At the end of the day, it's just one more data point that should help inform likelihood of outcome. Most of the time, my expected outcome is still pretty similar, I just place a slightly lower probability of achieving said outcome against a tough matchup. At the end of the day, playing against [insert easy opponent here] does not make Cole Beasley capable of putting up 40 or 50 points just as playing against [insert tough opponent here] does not mean Saquan Barkley is incapable of such a ceiling game. It simply means they are more or less likely to achieve their norm. Ultimately, it's a tie breaker, a minor adjustment, an extra data point. Nothing more. Now, back to Singletary.... This kid has looked phenomenal this year and I'm a real believer. I am more than happy for Gore to come in and hammer the short-yardage situations. That keeps Singletary fresh to do damage in the open field. Gore will keep getting 8-10 touches a game, but half of those will be cleaning up a short-yardage late-down situation where Devin has just cleared 8-9 yards in 1-2 touches. Game on.
  7. Um... Arians has been front and center since his hire in Jan... 🤣
  8. This guy has Lamar Jackson type jukes. So few people can stop on a dime and make people miss in such close quarters. No disrespect to Lamar Jackson, he's a freak and a generational quarterback.
  9. They do have a relative cake-walk the next 6 weeks. Should be interesting to see what happens. Either way, I'm trying to figure this Robby guy out. Darnold hasn't done him any favors, outside of a couple (two) good connections YTD, but does he have real upside the back half of the year? I'd like to think so, but I simultaneously can't get myself to add this guy. He's been sitting on waivers now for the past two weeks...
  10. This isn't an "old vs new" days of football argument, this is an argument about coaches learning that there's no "one size fits all" but should instead be playing to their strengths in any given year. It's how the Patriots earn a collective groan outside of Boston. They keep ignoring protocol and playing to their strengths. Washington has a strength in McLaurin and should be playing mismatches there wherever possible. Nothing else matters, but it just speaks to the maturity of the organization that they can't get past "Football 101". Football 101: Old-school philosophy Football 201: There are other valid philosophies out there Football 301: Each philosophy has it's place, tailor your strategy to your strength Football 401: Each philosophy has it's place, tailor your strategy to your strength AND your opponent's weakness Only the Patriots can claim to have taken and passed F401. Still not convinced Washington has even audited F101.
  11. Since I've also got Engram, I'm holding. Both have been a bit injury prone, so this way I ensure that I've always (*knock on wood*) got at least one elite TE and I can aways FLEX the second. That said, I am trying to make a move for Kittle or Kelce (for Engram+ or Henry+), and if I'm able to get one of them locked down, I'd then look to move the other for an upgrade elsewhere. Ultimately, the top 3-4 teams most years seem to always have an elite TE, so I'm not risking not having one.
  12. Only because we've seen this movie, Week 2. Welcome, have a seat. Popcorn's made fresh hourly.
  13. In PPR, the fact that Bell/DJ can and do get double digit targets in some games separates them from Carson. That said, I was more than happy to let DJ go in a trade and was unwilling to swap him out for Carson. I am mostly drawn to the consistency of Carson's game. DJ is going to be stuffed running more often than not, so he's dependent on having big receiving games, which will be hit or miss. Bell will even out once they get Darnold back from his pretty-boy disease. I'd take him over Carson at this point, largely because of the receiving prowess and that he'll be running behind mid-tier o-line so rushing won't be abysmal. Bell > Carson (Bell gets more targets and is just as consistent) Carson > DJ (DJ has more targets, but Carson's consistency wins out for me)
  14. Wilson only had to complete 17 passes last game (because of this stud) and one of them was Carson's TD. This wasn't a case of being invisible as much as it was that he literally dominated the game rushing and wasn't needed in the passing game. He's seeing plenty of targets and making some nice catches along the way. I know you can't just ignore things that've happened to cherry-pick stats so I'm not going to erase the fumbles, but that he's sitting at RB 16 ppg with three fumbles and having sat out half a game (as a result of the 3rd) is incredible. This guy is a no-doubt RB1 in all formats. He's even got some rushing TD regression coming (not a single one yet this season, which is an absolute anomaly). Some may say "yes, but he's a fumble waiting to happen" to which I say "doesn't matter, this coaching staff has his back more than any other situation I've seen". (Now, that said, please don't fumble for at least another 3-4 games after you've put to bed that it's a chronic issue!)