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  1. would love him to get 5 games at 1st base
  2. I am drafting him just because he makes things interesting.
  3. looks like a keeper spot opened up.
  4. have him in a weekly keeper league. dude loses a ton of value by not playing everyday and/or only pitching one time a week. than you add a rain out and you have a big zero for the week. but golly gee i think i am keep him over a ton of other guys just because he is so interesting to own.
  5. dolphins road map: week 2 :NE at Miami week3: Miami at Dallas week4: Chargers at Miami week 5: Off (KC at home vs IND) week6: redskins at Miami week 7 miami at bills week 8: miami at pittsburg week 9 jets at Miami week 10 miami at colts week 11: bills at miami (will need a different matchup......vikings at home vs. broncos) week 12 browns at home vs miami week 13 eagles at miami week 14 jets hosting miami (willl need a different macthup.....(green bay vs. Washingston) week 15: giants hosting miami week 16: bengals vs miami week 17: NE vs miami will need to find a different match houston hosting titans)