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  1. Don't know much about him, but he pitches on a good team with a good schedule. Seems to increase velocity. Is he someone we should be more interested in?
  2. fellas he is dragging me back in. somebody help me.
  3. bold prediction top 60 player next year.
  4. He has a velocity increase and a new cutter. anyone else interested?
  5. Homer bailey just hit the DL, seems to have a spot for now. May be time to get in now. anyone else interested?
  6. why are they not any afternoon games??
  7. Taking clevinger over Bieber was a bad idea
  8. Tonight is the night guys. If he doesn’t hit one vs porcello we need to bench him.
  9. is there a spot for javier to stick?
  10. another reclamation project by the Rangers. anyone else interested in him this year? I mean he has a great sllder.
  11. looked great or tigers that bad?
  12. Tough weekend for him. But he going kn yolo
  13. Has be played since injury. Worried about oblique.
  14. In 2019, only 4 MLB pitchers met the following criteria: > 100 IP, >25.k%, >50 gb% <3.75 ERA. Those pitchers: Castillo, Strasburg, Sonny Gray and..........Houser. Seems to by flying way under the radar.
  15. roster manipulation, time stuff i bet.