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  1. I should have been committed a long time ago.
  2. Yes, yes, and yes....... do it.
  3. I would keep Joc with the universal DH being implemented. Gore is the better pitcher but I would be taking Pearson this year.
  4. Need way more info than what's been given.
  5. Eloy Jiminez with his .800 plus OPS Look at the young lineup he will be hitting in! Also, Brujan is in incredibly prospect deep TB and look how they handle their young players with playing time. But I don't like including both picks...
  6. I say you'll finish in 11th place. I like the team and Castellanos too...
  7. Never gonna stop, give it up, such a scheming mind I always give my pick, for the skills of the younger kind My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! M-m-m-my Soroka…
  8. Ray Butler rules! jmo
  9. Please tell me that RotoWorld isn't a Disney company!
  10. Jeff McNeil or Willie Calhoun 12 team 5x5 w/ OBP keeper thx