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  1. As bad as Dallas D is they actually defend RBs from catching passes well oddly enough. You also don’t need to throw it to the RBs much when you’re running all over a team. I think the receptions will come albeit not at an elite rate with the other RBs there unless injury hits
  2. All good, my bad really.. in all I just hope Burrow keeps this up and have been impressed thus far. Next week at home against Tennessee seems like a good play.
  3. Loved how he ran today. Finally got the carries and paid off for the team. Granted it was against a horrible D but I think Gibson can/will explode down the stretch if they keep up the touches
  4. Ahh I saw it as TD/INT ratio. You can still build on a 20/21 TD/INT ratio but I should’ve saw he didn’t mention interceptions specifically at all.. read it quick. Isn’t 27 TDs the rookie record? On pace for 20-21TDs with zero in those games against Baltimore and Indy is impressive on this cincy team as a rookie
  5. How is he on pace for 21 interceptions? He has 5 in 7 weeks.
  6. Putting together an all time rookie season so far. Kid is special
  7. Liked he got a few looks first game back... didn’t like he pissed Rodgers off on both attempts
  8. Agree with this logic fully! help with mine?
  9. It’s not a terrible deal btw but I see you dealing away a lot of upside. If it’s a redraft league Dalton is kind of killing CeeDee and Gibson isn’t being unleashed yet so In redraft I think it’s closer but still a no for me. If it’s a dynasty it’s a definite hold
  10. No problem! You could be right Aiyuk is a physical beast I’m just figuring it may be less crowded in Indy. SF has Deebo and Kittle there but Aiyuk may be too dynamic to keep off the field
  11. I’d roll with Kenny I think big boom games are coming Help with mine ?
  12. 1-1 which WR do you like more in dynasty’s full PPR Michael Pittman Jr or Brandon Aiyuk. I’m leaning Pittman.. Leave a link and I’ll help with yours thanks!