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  1. Very active owner looking for a league with the same. I’m looking to buy into a league within the $150-$350 range. My email is mpizzarelli12@yahoo.com... thanks!
  2. I play in a 1 PPR dynasty league we start 2qb/3wr/2rb/1te/2flex Who do you like more in dynasty leagues Diontae Johnson or Mecole Hardman? I was offered Diontae for my Mecole. I love the KC O obviously and Ben’s health/age makes me nervous. I do like Diontae a lot this year though. What do you guys think? Thanks! Leave a link and I will help with yours
  3. You’re beating a dead horse. Many posters have tried to explain this to them in the Arenado thread. I guess they got tired of looking foolish over there and came into here to spew nonsense
  4. Don’t listen to this poster regarding Coors hitters. Misinformation central. Story is a monster and will be elite because he is. Baez over Story? Comical
  5. Very misguided. Story will be better than all just like he already was the last 2 seasons. Lindor VS Story is at least a good debate. Taking Tatis over Story is not a good bet at all.
  6. You know what you’re absolutely right. Bohm over Arenado seems very wise
  7. Chalk up another one who can’t comprehend this study. READING COMPREHENSION!
  8. It is though, don’t be naive to facts. Did you read it? Doubtful
  9. Coors field hangover effect is also a fact, not an opinion. Research it not hard to find
  10. What if the ball goes back to normal? Then power is at a premium again.
  11. Not happening. I’ll gladly take him round 1 in redrafts
  12. I assumed we were speaking for redraft leagues
  13. I think people are expecting a trade too much here. I don’t see him going anywhere
  14. I’m saying I do not think he will be traded. Even if he was traded I still like him a lot