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  1. This is comedy gold😂 The best thing about this whole situation is watching Astros and RedSox fans squirm. Ooooo happyyy dayssss
  2. I couldn’t disagree more. I think it’s a big deal using electronics during a game to figure out what pitch it coming. Takes away the whole deception of the game. You think pitchers don’t think it a big deal?
  3. oh yea are you suuuuure about that?? 2017 Astros Postseason Offensive Stats Home 9 games Runs/G - 5.7 Average - .273 HRs - 18 Ks - 49 OBP - .343 Road 9 games Runs/G - 3.0 Average - .208 HRs - 9 Strikeouts - 80 OBP - .284 this proves nothing by the way BUT THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CHEAT. Now we have a right to question everything the Astros have done the last few years. This Championship is forever tarnished and that’s the biggest punishment there is. They deserve everything they received and more
  4. Sign stealing the old fashioned way I’m fine with that’s baseball. Going this far with technology and banging garbage cans is ridiculous. There’s no defending it. It has to be punished
  5. Anybody using him this week? Without Howard in the mix and all the WRs getting hurt I’m thinking he makes for a high upside flex especially in PPRs
  6. Want to start him but Winston hurting makes this very risky
  7. I’d go with Sutton. Bell hasn’t looked good to me and Gase doesn’t give him the ball enough. Thanks for the help with mine