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  1. I'm not interested but a co worker is. If this is still available please send me full team and league details. I can pay via leaguesafe for him if all looks good
  2. If u run a later one tonight in addition to this one please send me a onvite
  3. Sorry, I saw 8:00 and didn't see that was eastern. I won't b able to do it
  4. Are you aware your listed payouts equal $2100 but the league would only collect $2000 in total entry fees?
  5. OK guys, I have 3 openings for my ESPN online auction Monday March 18 7:00 central 12 team NL only REDRAFT (not keeper) $200 entry fee pays $1350, $700,$350 League safe w majority approval Standard 5X5 roto w 900 IP minimum Weekly lineups Weekly pickups via FAAB 14 hitters, 9 pitchers and 5 man bench We do use only 1C and have a second utility spot. Please email