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  1. Watching Walden is tough. As good as his peripherals have been so far, he's extremely wild and doesn't have much command of the zone. His "stuff" however is nasty as can be, and I'm sure his blown saves if any will be due to walking bases loaded rather than getting lit up by bats.
  2. Awesome posts by bog thus far, as I just got caught up with this thread. Absolute man crush for me heading into this year is Gavin Floyd, and I know some people have been warning others to stay away. I'm sure RRF knows more about his arsenal and how it's been coming along this season, but his 2nd half last year was a spectacular turn around that I enjoy seeing in a pitcher that so many people gave up on early in the season, only to watch him bloom like a beautiful flower down the stretch. I also think C.J. Wilson is a guy most people are staying away from, but for the wrong reasons. Are they scared of the inconsistency that we see in the 2010 game log and the fact that he was a converted reliever and added more innings last season? I saw a guy who IMO minus one or two starts always had excellent control and command. I'm not sure what his BABIP was last season, but he was just unlucky a bit last year that when he did hang the one meatball over the plate - it happened to be the 3-run jack. I believe he will be one of the more consistent pitchers this year with an excellent K/9. The proof was in the 2010 game log, he's pitched gems before. I'm not giving up yet. My value list - you guys can agree and disagree, but tell me if there's certain guys you're absolutely staying away from, guys you'd rank above others, but this is my own personal cheat sheet of guys I believe will yield better results than their ADP's. I like to cut out the b.s. of projections and go for guys who are going to be studs and already are (guys who won't devalue themselves for 2011). David Price Justin Verlander (more wins in 2011, ERA and WHIP remain about the same in Detroit) Cole Hamels (Hamels could get better, but still showed some control issues in 2010) Tommy Hanson (better than Kershaw for 2011 I believe, has better ADP as well) Chris Carpenter (until he reinjures himself, was quietly one of the best pitchers last year again) - edit: he strained his hamstring Tuesday Dan Haren (2nd half fade may happen, but for what he did in Anaheim last season, I'm willing to gamble on a full season turnaround) Max Scherzer (see other posts in this thread) Shaun Marcum Chad Billingsley Brett Anderson Phil Hughes Madison Bumgarner Matt Garza (his transition to the NL may help improve his numbers, but I'll never forget how bad he can be at times) John Danks Jeremy Hellickson Jaime Garcia Colby Lewis Daniel Hudson Jhoulys Chacin Gavin Floyd Johan Santana (if there's one Met worth owning, it's him, even if he comes back in July, he could be the guy to carry you in the 2nd half) Derek Holland Chris Sale Mike Minor Dallas Braden Bud Norris Michael Pineda James McDonald Sammy Gervacio - One hitter I'm looking forward to hopefully breaking out, Nats Michael Morse. Hopefully he gets the playing time. Let me know your thoughts on this list, there are some later picks that are obviously sketchy and all about upside and innings limits, I also didn't include my relievers on here, but I think this is a fairly decent list of later round gems that I wouldn't consider a "wasted" pick.
  3. 365. Pack Attack - Michael Boley (LB-NYG) 366. The Wet Bandits - Anthony Dixon (RB-SF) 367. MMA Warriors - Derrick Morgan (DE-TEN) You'll thank me in a couple years.
  4. :rolleyes:I can only edit posts from my phone, can't type in a new text box. Weird. Anyway to my understanding after this round there are still 3 remaining. My roster says 3 spots left after my Prater selection.
  5. 351. The Lucky Ducks - Kevin Faulk (RB-NE) 352. The Wet Bandits - Robbie Gould (K-CHI) 353. Drake - Brian Robiskie (WR-CLE) 354. Lil Bishes - Brian Westbrook (RB-FA) 355. Multiple Scorgasms - Aaron Schobel (DE-NA) 356. Prime Time - Matt Prater (K-DEN) 357. Cobra Kai - OTC 358. Vuvuzela Vagabonds 359. Ink Inc. 360. Iron Mike's Warriors 361. Skid Flitz 362. MMA Warriors 363. The Wet Bandits 364. Pack Attack
  6. 351. The Lucky Ducks - Kevin Faulk (RB-NE) 352. The Wet Bandits - Robbie Gould (K-CHI) 353. Drake - Brian Robiskie (WR-CLE) 354. Lil Bishes - OTC 355. Multiple Scorgasms 356. Prime Time 357. Cobra Kai 358. Vuvuzela Vagabonds 359. Ink Inc. 360. Iron Mike's Warriors 361. Skid Flitz 362. MMA Warriors 363. Soul Crusher (via Wet Bandits) 364. Pack Attack
  7. Skippy peanut butter.... come on guys.
  8. Lofa Tatupu (LB-SEA) Sorry couldn't type in the text box just getting used to this new phone
  9. Both Iron Mike and Skid's teams should be skipped due to the rules. If it's alright, MMA is on the clock.
  10. 323. The Lucky Ducks - Leigh Bodden (CB - NE) 324. Soulcrusher - Javon Ringer (RB-TENN) 325. Drake - Darren Sharper (DB-NO) 326. Lil Bishes - Lance Moore (WR-NO) 327. Multiple Scorgasms - Tampa Bay 328. Prime Time - Nate Allen (S-PHI) 329. Cobra Kai - 330. Vuvuzela Vagabonds - 331. Ink Inc. - 332. Iron Mike's Warriors - 333. Skid Flitz - 334. MMA Warriors - 335. The Wet Bandits - 336. Pack Attack -
  11. In all seriousness though, Drake hasn't picked in 12 hours. He is officially off the clock as of 3 PM EST (40 min ago). SoulCrusher is OTC. Sorry for stealing your thunder Steve.
  12. It's been 12 hours now since 8 AM (which we agreed). So yes, we skip the pick momentarily. But I don't think it matters, usually Bishes and Steve pick at the same time.
  13. 309. Pack Attack - Deon Butler (WR-SEA) 310. The Wet Bandits - Chris Chambers (WR-KC) 311. MMA Warriors - Eric Coleman (S-ATL) 312. Skid Flitz - Adrian Wilson (DB-ARI) 313. Iron Mike's Warriors - Stephen Tulloch (LB-TEN) 314. Ink Inc. -SKIP (till drake returns, per his request) 315. Vuvuzela Vagabonds - Derrick Ward (TB-RB) 316. Cobra Kai - Antrel Rolle (S-NYG) 317. Prime Time - Brandon Graham (DE-PHI) 318. Multiple Scorgasm's - 319. Lil Bishes - 320. Drake - 321. SoulCrusher - 322. The Lucky Ducks -
  14. The 2010 Favre watch is on baby. I think he doesn't retire.