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  1. Mack is far from a marginal talent - even as a pass-catcher.
  2. Exactly - same template that allowed Thomas to emerge as the best WR in the league - and why he didn’t skip a beat with Bridgewater under center.
  3. Bridgewater might be almost the perfect QB for him, given his tendency for accurate short-hitters which would allow Moore to fully display his YAC ability.
  4. Like the player - but no chance he’s worth even a flier.
  5. I see - I didn’t mean to imply that. I think Drake was horribly misutilized due to poor coaching in Miami. KK’s offensive scheme must be such a breath of fresh air for him. As for CEH, obviously scheme is not an issue in the slightest. It will be exclusively the “off-paper,” on-field reasons I mentioned above that would delay his ascendancy.
  6. Umm...where exactly did I “bash” Drake? I’m higher on him than just about anyone! If you re-read my earlier post, I never claimed these guys couldn’t eventually emerge down the line of the season as starters. (P.S. I have consistently been one of CEH’s most ardent supporters for fantasy since well before the draft.)
  7. Not at all what I think - I was just addressing your point regarding Drake.
  8. If it were merely a question of memorizing a set of plays, I’d be more inclined to agree. But it’s also a matter of achieving a rapport with your teammates and developing proper rhythm and timing, which is something that can only be accomplished by practice reps.
  9. Kingsbury operates a virtually shotgun-exclusive scheme - which is perfectly tailored to a player like Drake, who has averaged a full yard and a half better in shotgun than under center for his career.
  10. I still don’t think enough attention is being paid to the unique circumstances of 2020 with respect to these rookie RBs. It’s simply going to take them longer into the season to adjust to playing at the pro level, and teams are going to lean more heavily on their vets - at least in the early going - than they would under normal conditions.
  11. Ok - yes. He was named the starter last year even after injuring himself in the pre-season. No idea how this will play out - but you would be wrong to think he is going to be an afterthought to some rook, after nearly beating out Mahomes in the SB for MVP, and that will be the last thing lodged in his coaches’ minds.
  12. Wow - and he’s still nominated the starter despite all those injuries? Must bespeak of a lot of faith in him.