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  1. He’s referring to your lack of football knowledge
  2. Highly probable - Goodell has already issued his discipline, taking into account all present allegations, none of which will be settled before the end of the season.
  3. He’s totaled almost 17 points in the last two weeks in full PPR - if you’re talking about standard leagues, I have no idea why he’d be rostered to begin with.
  4. He’s tied for fourth with OMR. Anyway, I still don’t understand why looking at AAV of a contract is the right approach for looking at a QB going on 44 starting in the NFL at the moment. They are paying him a ton - and getting what they bargained for - but it’s not a steal or anything.
  5. Brees is at $23.650M this year. All of the others are millions below that. Would you mind citing your reference? Again, just not sure how you can point to the fourth-highest-paid QB currently and style it a “bargain.”
  6. Eh - $25M comes in at fourth overall in cap dollars for 2020 and fourth highest percentage of cap for 2020. I don’t know about “bargain price.”
  7. I’ll be sure to ask next time I’m on the horn with him
  8. Erin has already been through enough, methinks