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  1. It’s honestly pathetic how much you want to denigrate Lamar as a QB. To a point where you are willing to place more emphasis on his Skills Day at a Pro Bowl than his actual PB performance. Sad.
  2. Lamar Jackson was named Pro Bowl Offensive MVP after throwing for 185 yards and two touchdowns in the AFC's win over the NFC. Jackson led the AFC team to a 38-33 victory. He's the youngest quarterback to start in the Pro Bowl and now the youngest MVP. Teammate Mark Andrews caught nine passes, a Pro Bowl record for a tight end. Davante Adams led the NFC with six receptions and converted two of them into touchdowns.
  3. How could you possibly claim with a straight face that the only person besides himself he’s hurt thus far is a moving-truck driver?
  4. You are right about that. Reality can be hard to accept for some.
  5. Or, you know, he really doesn’t need more time.... “Jackson was a top-five player at the position in terms of PFF passing grade, and while he didn’t become the most accurate passer in the NFL — he’s never likely to be Drew Brees — he didn’t need to be. He just needed to add to the danger he already posed on the ground, which, if anything, also went to new heights. As a passer, he ended the season with the fourth-best passer rating from a clean pocket (118.5). He also ranked 14th in adjusted completion percentage just one year after finishing 28th of 29 qualifiers in the same metric.“
  6. Tackles tend to peak at 28 - and exit their prime at 31. It’s not to say Zeitler is about to fall off a cliff, but career trajectories like Whitworth’s are practically unheard of.
  7. Illegal drugs. Who’s to say how many of the individuals using greenies had prescriptions anyway? Ironically, Bonds failed a drug test for amphetamines in 2006.
  8. But your point seemed to be about barreling: what good is that if you’re a power hitter and you’re now working with approximately half of your exit velocity potential?
  9. They faced the 11th-toughest schedule this year.
  10. Right - PFF just wrote this up the other day.
  11. Got that - I was just relating facts
  12. How do you posit all those facts and conclude “witch hunt”?
  13. This has nothing to do with Emmanuel Sanders. If you think he’ll get “tons of volume,” you are delusional.
  14. See OP I was responding to. Pretty weird if you thought I was suggesting the Babe was a slap-hitter.