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  1. Thanks, Boudewijn. I’m always willing to be educated - and I’ve discovererd you are good at doing so when it comes to my own country.
  2. Thanks for edifying me. I can’t for the life of me understand why a survey would be solicited that was unrepresentative of the people intended to be surveyed.
  3. I’m not offering any opinions about the potential flaws in survey-taking; I’m not familiar with proper surveying practice. But I assume Annenburg has some expertise when it comes to polling people.
  4. I’m not sure it would even be constitutional to conduct a survey in which people were forced to provide proof of their ethnicity. I don’t think it’s a question of “allowing” people to do anything. That said, see my post above: I’m fully in favor of pro leagues’ placing restrictions on the range of team name ideas permissible.
  5. I don’t see why Goodell - and all pro sports leagues for that matter - don’t just institute rules governing team names: for example, only animals and objects are permissible team names. It would put a swift end to any controversy surrounding the subject. Or abstract nouns.
  6. I don’t want to speak on anyone else’s behalf - and I’m not Native American (though I have Native friends) - but in all my years, I’ve never heard or seen anyone use the term “Redskin” in a derogatory way to refer to a Native American. The fact that most Natives polled either consider it an honorific or aren’t bothered by it (multiple school teams on reservations have been named the “Redskins” of their own volition) leads me to believe it isn’t widely considered derogatory by the segment of the population potentially offended.
  7. Thanks for chiming in - I have no reason to speak, but using a horse named “Renegade” and a flaming spear (Note: they never used spears) seems a bit gross. Thanks for speaking up and realize we’re all saying this out of a desire to understand more and love more
  8. Ok. So we’ve corrected “pushaZ” enough at this point, I’d say. I think they both have the potential to form a duo that can replicate a lot of the route concepts and usage patterns of the original Hernandez/Gronk duo.
  9. Those games happened to come at a critical time for fantasy purposes - regardless, it does nothing to clarify why Hightower was brought up in response to a question about “top-ten” finishers.
  10. Yes he did. And he got hurt immediately thereafter.
  11. As an outsider, who has no potential of being offended by said names, why do you believe your opinion on the matter relevant? Not trying to be flippant, just asking honestly. (BTW: If you think the FSU “Seminoles” is not considered offensive by many Seminoles, particularly those populating Oklahoma, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.)
  12. Bears: attack and kill humans. Why celebrate them? Suggestion: Chicago Play-Doh.
  13. There we go! And now we watch the dominoes fall.... Less bold by far: the “Tomahawk Chop” gets eliminated.
  14. I’ll tell you what will actually happen: he will be traded upwards of about 75 times in “dealz” over the next month or two and end up back on your roster by the time the season starts. You know it’s inevitable. 😉
  15. Hmm...who would repeated unrepentant cheater and scofflaw Pete Carroll defer to more...?
  16. Oh I know - I rode him to glory that year. But I thought the question concerned RBs who ended up having a top-10 season - not the Boston Scotts and C.J. Spillers of the world.
  17. Completely forgot about the Fighting Irish - big, big no-no, there. Get that changed stat.
  18. I think the point is - his hostility (among an array of other issues) makes him unpredictable and difficult to rely upon on a consistent basis.
  19. Good ones, though I did include the Browns. Good call on Angels - clearly the Saints needs to go as well - offensive to people of non-Christian religious denominations and atheists.
  20. Personally, I don’t understand the outrage over changing the player comps - shouldn’t you want them to do that once we know more information about that player?
  21. The New England Lions are going to surprise everyone this year.
  22. Bold prediction: the following teams are pressured into changing their name by end-of-year 2020: Redskins Chiefs Indians Braves Raiders/Buccaneers/Pirates (honoring a ruthless band of rapists, murderous thieves) Giants (offensive to people of small stature) Jets (“jet” meaning “black” and therefore offensive to people of black skin color) Browns/Reds (again, references to skin tone) Yankees (offensive to northeasterners) Bengals (offensive to a particular ethnicity) Cowboys (offensive to Native Americans as their ancestral foes) Did I miss any?
  23. What is all of this “Dalvin Cook ceiling” talk? They’ve got roughly 20 running backs and counting on that team! And the team isn’t even nearly as good as the Vikings.