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  1. Lazard is the second-best wideout on the team. I am honestly wondering who started this thread and why?
  2. Dude...what is with these random outlook threads?
  3. To those who went with the laugh-emoji-post way, any opinions to offer?
  4. Must be an upside play. He’s going obviously solid as can be in full PPR.
  5. Not in the slightest/ I view it as an upgrade OC-wise. AP is still better than LF as well at age 57.
  6. My thoughts exactly - I don’t get the logic....
  7. Something about “you played yourself” by DJ Khaled belongs here.
  8. When the measurement is whether or not a given player should have been out of the league a long time ago, yes, it’s an appropriate metric.
  9. Yikes. Terrible take. Dude really should’ve won MVP of the last football game played.
  10. Good personal transition. I’m not trying to annoy you, I’m just pointing out that happenings can be relevant to fantasy even if they occur outside the lines of Weeks 1-16.
  11. Any platform could include that week - but no self-respecting commissioner would allow it. Which still leaves us with the question: why do you count anyone’s Week 17 stats?
  12. If so, why do you care about anyone’s Week 17 stats?
  13. You can’t state that the playoffs matter for fantasy purposes and they don’t in almost the same sentence.
  14. Dude - people play playoff games. I have no idea what you’re going with here.
  15. Sure - but I don’t think that’s relevant to Carson’s health one way or the other. They need some quality depth.
  16. With the likes of Olsen and Dissly, the injuries will come soon enough.
  17. Ok - obviously my point was to show he’s capable of handling more than 140 touches per year, all told. Heck, if you all care about is “where fantasy matters,” why are you even factoring in anyone’s Week 17 touches? Lol.
  18. Dusting off the age-ol’ tactic of “taunt the fan with how much better one receiver is on his team than the other receiver on his team.” Nice.
  19. To say nothing of the fact that Guice is - again - rehabbing an injury that ended his 2019. Too soon to tell whether his performance will still be completely unaffected by injury in 2020.
  20. I’m really beginning to come around on Metcalf - I’ll no longer bother fighting it. I think Brian Schottenheimer put it best: ”The No. 1 thing that we know is that we can move him around and do different things with him. He kind of got stuck at the 'X' receiver last year. This year we know we can move him around quite a bit more. There are so many more routes he can run. He's proven he can get behind people. I just think the flexibility of moving him around and introducing some different route concepts that we can kind of get him up to speed on will complement the things that he's already put on film. It will be an incredible, incredible advantage for us as we head into next season."