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  1. Might be right on that - I’d have to rewatch to know for sure.
  2. It was from 2 yards out - have to think that qualifies.
  3. Wasn’t the call literally before the Hill TD a short-yardage snap to Hill at QB?
  4. Why are you constantly consuming thiings other than pizza and beer?
  5. Someone go beat up the whistler’s mother
  6. Please don’t Kill yet another Thread, ThreadKiller? Can we just be happy with one dead thread and call it a day?
  7. I genuinely missed my Michel discussions with DHC over in the DH ‘18 thread - they have been long since deleted, but the debate had to do with whether he’d be drafted in the first round and live up to that status. I think the arrow continues to point way up for Sony. I wouldn’t hesitate to draft him in the late-second, even in PPR.
  8. Hey, at least we know Bevell is going to call pass to the bitter end, no matter the scenario or odds! That should come as some consolation to Stafford.
  9. Let’s be honest - no one on this thread, particularly since you started killing it, has been having an “unbiased discussion.” But by all means, just keep condescending to people at this point - it’s gone past exhausting into humorous again!
  10. “Hate” is a bit strong - maybe “dislike” is more appropriate. Yeah, I dislike impenitent and repeated cheaters. Go Chiefs.
  11. I, for one, am “champing” at the bit to see Thomas Brady and his cheating cohort lose.
  12. I just hope you are feasting on pizza and beer - as Brady loses.
  13. If it’s good enough for the “deflater” it’s good enough for the children.
  14. He compensates the children handsomely for their services. Signed jerseys for all.
  15. Why are neutral people excited about this game? (😉)
  16. I’m sorry you had to have your paper graded by ThreadKiller - I can think of no worse punishment for daring to contribute to a thread on a discussion forum.
  17. Man is it going to be fun watching these guys lose.
  18. Just pointing out it’s strange to claim they’ve won their last four AFC Championship games when that isn’t true.
  19. You do realize what you just wrote is untrue, correct?