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  1. Yes, Pizza, I’m aware of the Yanks’ history of cheating - nor do I pretend it never happened. I’m ashamed of it and embarrassed for those who cheated - just as Patriot fans should be of their current team.
  2. Here is what’s coming next: either a pass to White/Edelman or a Michel run.
  3. Brady and Giselle will be sending Gus Bradley a Christmas card this year for electing to play zone
  4. What a tonic the Romo/Nantz team is after having to endure yet another round of Joe Buck
  5. Anyone not named Julian or James are just running decoy routes, as usual
  6. What I like about “Luckbox1” is I will never get bored having to take time reading his posts.
  7. Jerry is the gift that keeps on other teams.
  8. I was just joshing you - actually, I do as well
  9. Yeah - but you never actually answered his question
  10. Huge F-bomb- well-played, Fox!
  11. Congrats, Rams! See you next year, ‘Boys.
  12. Zeke goes hungry on that play - no spoon for you
  13. There’s “off”-coverage and then there’s this...idk, Hail Mary defense the Rams are playing right now?
  14. No Talib might spell trouble for this otherwise hapless secondary