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  1. There’s “off”-coverage and then there’s this...idk, Hail Mary defense the Rams are playing right now?
  2. No Talib might spell trouble for this otherwise hapless secondary
  3. But he would’ve missed that one
  4. Hope you all fired up stud CJA in your dailies!
  5. Looks like someone else is dining on ramen this evening
  6. Excluding Delanie Walker, he finished eighth overall in ypg
  7. Sooooo...I’m taking it you are high on Williams.
  8. I mean, he was pretty darn consistent this season, no? It would’ve been real difficult for a TE to be more consistent than Ebron was.
  9. Congrats, Chiefs - you guys earned it all the way!
  10. And Ebron was virtually invisible in this game
  11. I’m beginning to feel like the chiefs aren’t going to blow this one
  12. And then you factor in Hilton limping around like he has gout, and playing outside, in the cold and snow, on muddy grass. It becomes a lot more understandable.
  13. 26th in DVOA - little better than bottom-three. And they are one of the most-improved defenses over the second half. They’ve also been about twice as good at home as they’ve been on the road (34.6 ppg road; 18 home)
  14. Like a vehicle from the early ‘30s?!
  15. Obligatory “dad was a baseball player” taken care of
  16. Agreed - I’m still on the fence here, come to think of it. I am sad to see LaFleur go - I was afraid this would happen once they chose to go with him as an OC, rather than a HC. It would’ve been fun to see what the Titans could do with a year to get comfortable in his system. Now, once again, we are back to the drawing board.