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  1. As of early December, Brees was the most accurate deep-ball passer in the NFL (60%; 37% avg.) and hadn’t allowed an INT on one. He also ranked third in points earned on deep passes, behind Russell Wilson and Rodgers. I’d say he’s still able to go deep. Brady - not so much.
  2. I work with video forensic experts who perform this sort of analysis regularly. It’s quite possible to create modified video that will appear authentic to an inexpert eye.
  3. The goat is going to bleat in agony (probably at the refs, mainly) as it is pierced by the arrows of the Chiefs.
  4. The only logical explanation is Damien Williams has attracted a cult following of the mad.
  5. I agree - and that’s really sad. And with the state of modern-day video editing, it opens up a whole array of possibilities for unfairly ruining a player’s career who was not actually guilty of abuse.
  6. Fifth-most elusive RB in his draft class - maybe you watched him playing injured.
  7. Interesting - in a recent Atlantic poll of NFL defenders, he was voted among the most underrated
  8. I think you should actually take the time to carefully read what they wrote before responding.
  9. It took Foster like a day after getting out from behind bars to sign a fresh contract
  10. I was awaiting your return to ask: a) how was the chili/pie combo? And b ) why no pizza?
  11. Answered my own question: 2006 at Bolts was a win. One out of five in the past 14 years.
  12. Wow - so a 20% success rate? Do you know when they last won on the road?