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  1. AP just methodically marching up the field - already two minutes gone in the quarter
  2. Skins holding D-Hen to a robust 3.14 ypc so far...
  3. Sure I have - but you said “[you] picked up,” so I assumed someone actually employed by the team indicated it.
  4. Who indicated that he would be the primary?
  5. I don’t think that’s what he’s saying at all, actually. But keep insulting people.
  6. Everyone is off preparing for baseball - football is done now, dude
  7. I can’t speak to your scoring format, but it must be utterly strange
  8. Right - much like many of his previous weeks? You know, whenever he’s not scoring 3?
  9. Cool- so he otherwise scores 48.7?
  10. My bad - you’re right, I was incorrect, they were in the RZ at the time of the decision. I guess reasonable people can disagree on what to do there - I thought the Broncos D had done a good job of holding Cleveland’s offense in check all game (see Chubb commentary), and they still had plenty of time with both a TO and the 2-minute warning to maneuver into FG range. Heck, they nearly did so despite Chubb’s long run. I do apologize for the mistaken comment about not being in the red zone, though.