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  1. What I like about “Luckbox1” is I will never get bored having to take time reading his posts.
  2. Jerry is the gift that keeps on other teams.
  3. I was just joshing you - actually, I do as well
  4. Yeah - but you never actually answered his question
  5. Huge F-bomb- well-played, Fox!
  6. Congrats, Rams! See you next year, ‘Boys.
  7. Zeke goes hungry on that play - no spoon for you
  8. There’s “off”-coverage and then there’s this...idk, Hail Mary defense the Rams are playing right now?
  9. No Talib might spell trouble for this otherwise hapless secondary
  10. But he would’ve missed that one
  11. Hope you all fired up stud CJA in your dailies!
  12. Looks like someone else is dining on ramen this evening
  13. Excluding Delanie Walker, he finished eighth overall in ypg
  14. Sooooo...I’m taking it you are high on Williams.
  15. I mean, he was pretty darn consistent this season, no? It would’ve been real difficult for a TE to be more consistent than Ebron was.
  16. Congrats, Chiefs - you guys earned it all the way!
  17. And Ebron was virtually invisible in this game
  18. I’m beginning to feel like the chiefs aren’t going to blow this one