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  1. O/u on times players are referred to as “turds” or “trash” is currently at 52.
  2. Welcome to the forums - based on your last 15 posts or so, you’re going to fit right in here.
  3. Loved the above analysis. I would just humbly add that the Patriots have steamrolled the Steelers for 35 ppg over their last five meetings, and have won all of them. And they will be out for blood after their latest embarrassment in Miami.
  4. What TF happened in this thread?
  5. While the phrase “beat fantasy RB” makes absolutely no sense, I’ll point this out: ever since their bye, they have made a conscious effort to incorporate Elliott into the passing game. And the whole offense has flowed better since the Cooper acquisition.
  6. Yep. But it’s not really a matter of variety of injury, with every player. Sometimes you need to consider a olaysr’s propensity towards a certain type of injury.
  7. Perhaps - I was just pointing out he’s prone to soft-tissue injuries.
  8. I may need to take the same chance - I can only hope against hope that I have it wrong. At least consider Engram (if available) and Davis, ditto.
  9. His main injuries have been multiple ankle sprains, a quad bruise, and a lingering hamstring. All of which are of the soft-tissue variety.
  10. He did utterly nothing first time against them - and then scored twice on two receptions. I just don’t see it as much as I want to believe it as a TE-needy manager.
  11. Or he’s just prone to soft-tissue injuries?
  12. They we’re both listed as “DNP” today
  13. If you’re still alive, Kirk Cousins is apparently an absolute must-start: Kirk Cousins completed 20-of-33 passes for 208 yards and one touchdown in the Vikings' 21-7, Week 14 loss to the Seahawks on Monday night. Cousins came up with more than a third of his passing yards on the final meaningless drive with the Vikings down 21-0. He also threw a short score to Dalvin Cook to cap it off and avoid the shutout. Cousins had 27 passing yards at halftime. His longest play of the night was a 48-yard shot to Stefon Diggs, but the Vikings later turned it over on downs that drive, failing from the two-yard line in the third quarter. Cousins also lost a fumble on a strip-sack that was returned for a touchdown late in the game. He was under pressure all night and had nowhere to go with the ball. Cousins has been held to 201 and 2018 yards the last two weeks in losses at New England and Seattle. He'll try to rebound next week at home against the Dolphins. Dec 10 - 11:19 PM
  14. Just remember that NO has a highly underrated trio of coverage LBs in A.J. Klein, Alex Anzalone and Demario Davis. It’s the main reason they’ve fared so well against opposing TEs.
  15. That reminds me of a vent of my own: all the people on these forums who are far too quick to call people “trash” or “garbage” or whatever without properly understanding what they’re talking about. Sadly, it works on the opposite “league winner” side of the spectrum as well. Too many people opining without taking the time to understand the facts or analyze the situation. It’s been plaguing these forums for as long as I can remember.
  16. Another twist I noticed tonight during the game: they flooded the field with seven DBs on multiple plays. Very unusual, including nickel Justin Coleman and folks I honestly have never heard of. At times eight defenders were in coverage. Wagner was left sole responsibility for all flat/hook/curl routes throughout the intermediate zone. Impressive courage on the part of Ken Norton, Jr., to try that. It looks like the Vikes and Cousins were unprepared for it.
  17. Maybe they were motivated in front of a raucous home crowd in a must-win (essentially playoff) game. They’ve also been steadily improving throughout the season.
  18. Not worst, but bottom 3. Pitted against a vicious Seattle front, Kirk had no chance to operate in the pocket tonight. Backup RT Hill against the likes of Frank Clark? Good luck. He’s been among the best in the game in the RZ this year - he missed some open men on his first of two trips there, which is unusual for him but understandable given such a hostile environment. From my years of experience watching him as a Redskin, he seems to handle pressure very erratically. Sometimes he looks wonderful throwing under pressure and sometimes he can’t hit anyone. Also, when more is at stake in the game, he tends not to rise up to the challenge. It’s odd, because he seems like someone who welcomes challenges and tries to display mental toughness both on and off the field.
  19. A bit of a silver lining: Hill’s outlook does not look bleak in the slightest.