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  1. Cool- so he otherwise scores 48.7?
  2. My bad - you’re right, I was incorrect, they were in the RZ at the time of the decision. I guess reasonable people can disagree on what to do there - I thought the Broncos D had done a good job of holding Cleveland’s offense in check all game (see Chubb commentary), and they still had plenty of time with both a TO and the 2-minute warning to maneuver into FG range. Heck, they nearly did so despite Chubb’s long run. I do apologize for the mistaken comment about not being in the red zone, though.
  3. Dude, I’m just happy you made it this far! It sounded like it was curtains for you ages ago based on the V&R Thread!
  4. The Browns have an excellent run-stopping front and blitz nearly every down. I thought the quick-hitter gameplan was well suited to the opponent.
  5. The point is, he was available - for whatever the reason. And he was essentially the best kicker in the game this season. He never should’ve been unowned heading into “Week 15.”
  6. I hardly ever say this sort of thing, but, if he’s not already owned in your league, you need a new league.
  7. Freddie Kitchens might already be one of the best OCs in the league. I mean that. He will almost assuredly be kept on. And Arians already said he would keep him.
  8. What?! Weeks of benching have addled your mind.
  9. I don’t. But ok, I still strongly disagree with you. It was the right call.
  10. I could see that if you’re on the goal line - or even in the red zone. But at the 23? With ~4:30 left to play? And the chance to make it a one-point game? The Broncos still basically almost made it to FG range despite some highly questionable decision-making by Keenum on the final drive. Sorry, no. And the “Week 15” angle seems like a total red herring. And no, their season isn’t technically over.
  11. What does “Week 15” have to do with that calculus?!
  12. Greggg blitzes relentlessly - it makes it hard to target perimeter receivers
  13. They love Booker on 2-minute - still not seeing the harm in choosing the FG
  14. I take it you didnt watch the Jets “air raid siren” game
  15. When this is done, look over his season YAC stats. Be sitting while you do so.
  16. Why is that a “lol” decision? I don’t get it.
  17. Lassie’s playing against gender was fairly “Crying Game”-esque
  18. So...he’s not 50 or 3? Good to know.