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  1. I did not realize Gould attended that game as a fan...
  2. Somewhere Robbie Gould is in a lounge chair, sipping a snifter of cognac, chuckling gently to himself
  3. Is the number of men on the field now a “NextGen stat”?!
  4. He finished as the team’s leading rusher - only other rook to do that was Shady.
  5. He’s constantly hurt - dating back to his ND days.
  6. there a need to “review” if they know no team had possession at the end of the play?
  7. He has more rushing attempts than anyone in the entire game right now.
  8. Drink every time “the Dead Sea Scrolls” are mentioned.
  9. This just in: NFL officiating blows ”The ball will go back...” 😂
  10. Can’t wait to watch Brady throw dump-offs to White and Edelman all game
  11. Can’t even figure out the proper pad situation
  12. Can you imagine if Lamar just played like this all game?!
  13. Sure, but two yards to gain versus a 50-yarder in swirling winds? You have an offense designed to pick up small gains like that. They are now going to lose.
  14. True - but boy is he having a bad game all-around.
  15. And that’s why you don’t throw to Virgil Green