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  1. When Judon hurt himself, Rivers yelled: "That's what you get."
  2. Just slaughtering the pronunciation of Onwuasor
  3. Sent in response to your comment about the existence of any actual connection between intelligence and football ability.
  5. No. Intelligence is something that can improve as one matures.
  6. Wasn’t Jay Feely a kicking analyst or something for a while?
  7. The Titans finished the season with the ninth-best offensive line in the NFL, according to PFF. But yes, their guard play took a step backward this year.
  8. While I’m impressed at how Henry finished the season, for purposes of 2019, it’s hard to overlook the fact that, entering Week 14, he’d yet to even rush for 60 yards in a game. Paired with virtually no usage in the passing game, that would give me pause using a first-second-round pick on him in any PPR format. His two monster games came in a homecoming game against an eliminated JAX D who looked so awful it seemed like they were trying to send a tacit message of some kind to their coaches or the FO, and against NYG the following week, who just had an awful defense all-around all season and were likewise playing just for pride. It would be fun to see Henry break out next season, but it’s important to look at the entire picture objectively. He appears, similar to say, AP, to be extremely game-script dependent at this point.
  9. BOB: it might be time to stop trying to make D’onta Foreman happen. Kthanksbye
  10. I would start Brady - far too much risk with Gurley
  11. Lol! Ok, I see what you mean. Hey, I hope he starts! Long live CJA!
  12. Yeah - come on, guys, saying something is a “possibility” is a far cry from “indicating he is the primary.” Just try to be more accurate when relating news in future.
  13. Jurrell would be a huge loss for this Titans D
  14. Hopkins so money - 16 points and counting!
  15. AP just methodically marching up the field - already two minutes gone in the quarter
  16. Skins holding D-Hen to a robust 3.14 ypc so far...