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  1. Beat writer: hamstring cramp, DTD
  2. Wonder if Kate chimes in on this appearance
  3. Official: "Right biceps strain"
  4. Wonder if it was like Broxton back in ST hurting his wrist on a check swing
  5. But I thought we weren't even allowed to discuss Senzatela??!
  6. Whoever started this thread clearly jinxed him by refusing to spell his name correctly
  7. I miss the Hawk - these new kids suck
  8. He looked quite good and looks like a very satisfactory back-end fantasy starter at a minimum
  9. It was a...lengthy...discussion last year revolving around SpecialFNK's assessment.
  10. Nooooooooo.... Not the Mazara power debate!
  11. Indeed - but wasn't aware of a Richards connection
  12. Boy...I really hope this is just a short-term thing. A la J-Fer last season .
  13. ...did he pitch for my old squad?
  14. Wow. Really wish I knew this before drafting him in a QS league. How did I miss it?!
  15. Disappointed by the early hook
  16. He needs more matchups against pitching catchers!
  17. I see - I was just confused when you mentioned Lugo's MRI revealed no structural damage when we know he's rehabbing a torn arm ligament.
  18. Brooklyn Dude: could you provide your source for the Matz news?
  19. You mentioned Seth Lugo had an MRI - my comment was in response to your statement that they found no structural damage. He has a ligament tear.
  20. I'm at least half-convinced it's only certain posters...