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  1. as long as pelicans keep winning im happy to keep favors. Gotta hope they stay in the playoff race and not go full on youth movement
  2. he heard our complaints and is heating up
  3. I went with markieff. His been efficient up until today but he doesnt take enough shots to ever blow up. Stocks and rbds been below average too.
  4. i wouldnt necessairly say he lost. It depends size of the league too. If his in 14 team and up he probalby won the trade. There isn't much FA's out there and Aldridge been inside the top 10-20 value for past month. If he drafted poorly and in bottom of the rankings i would do that trade if i had harden to fill out holes in his roster.
  5. Evaluated as meaning for the injury. Thats good news meaning day to day.
  6. high ankle sprain...looks like a monther at least
  7. Nurk alert *was in uniform at shoot around this morning*
  8. unless ball hogging randle or morris goes away...payton main contribution for assist hasn't been where it should be at. He kind of hurts you everywhere else..bad fg..bad ft, lack of 3s. His assist, above average rbd for pg and steals is his bread and butter.
  9. sounds like Drummond will be traded before deadline but it all depends who they get back in return...if they just get back draft picks than its the wood, sekou show
  10. I'm curious what his numbers are like with a fully healthy roster. Seems like majority of his games this year was either without lowry or vanfleet playing so I'm thinking his season numbers are inflated.
  11. I dont know why he won rookie of month for December..if anything seems like his regressing past month
  12. 2 months to be re-evaluated...then he needs rehab and practice if all goes well and he doesn't need an he even worth a hold if most people playoffs are in mid march.
  13. that an effin long time..the post also says they will evaluate operative and non operative treatment depending on his rehab.