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  1. I think best is still full refund and 2nd best is to split winnings amount current players who were playoff elgible. Only flaw with that is the 4-6 spot will probably get a very low % return back. Probalby not enough to even cover the buy in. We all know in playoffs its anyones game so 4-6 could of had a shot to win whole thing too.
  2. Well based on what they did to hockey the final standings are the current standings meaning whoever is top 3 right now would of final. If that is the case, only the top 3 would get payouts which i think is less fair since anything can happen in playoffs. Basically 4-6 depending on league settings would be out of any form of winnings. Im a little biased since i was 2nd in only one league but 4-6 in my others ones but my team was riddled by injuries and was finally making a push.
  3. it sounds like hockley league all got refunded. Hoping they will do the same for basketball.
  4. yea I think the way they phrased it made it sound like the NBA is for sure coming back in 28 days when everyone knows right now its open ended. Guess they are just making the point they are not cancelling or making any refunds at this point and they will wait and see for the continuation.
  5. I don't really get what they mean by 28 days...i thought Adam Silver already said the league will be shut down for 30 days at the very LEAST. It could very well be 2 months to who knows when.
  6. kyrie wouldn't even play with some shoulder pains and playoffs on the line what makes you think KD will risk his health to come back on a season without his butt buddy there.
  7. is this real or a joke? cant tell lol. Does yahoo offer this amount of flexiblity?
  8. I found this on reddit which i will apply to my league if it comes down to it and everyone seems on board. This is a 14 man, 8 team playoff league. Our playoffs isn't start till week 23. The guys on the cusp 9th-10th don't really have much to complain about because 2.5% of the total pot would of been not much anyways. I think some ratio in ascending order is fair if there is no end in sight. A full refund to everyone makes very little sense since the season was near complete. payouts will be 8 - 2.5% 7 - 5% 6 - 7.5% 5 - 10% 4 - 12.5% 3 - 15% 2- 20% 1 - 27.5%
  9. I think the best likely course is the NBA in real life does not cut the regular season short. Makes no sense to go straight to playoffs when seeding is not decided. They should just drag this out to however long it takes...finish the season as usual. Then for 2020 the league and owners decide how many games should be cut to make up the schedule...whether its 40, 50 games and start fresh from there. I highly doubt the NBA will just cancel this season outright. All the time and effort would of been a waste if they decide to do that. Also makes no some point things will get back to normal and NBA will start up again.
  10. I don't agree. During playoffs and like in real life its anyones game once your made it in. The last seed can win it all if luck goes his side. It not very often the 1st 2nd 3rd place in standings end up being the final standings.
  11. If yahoo proleagues do that..i think we have a legit chance of asking paypal for a refund or chargeback.
  12. If I was the league i would think its not fair to shorten the season since the 8th spots in both sides are still fair game. If anything push back the season and have the 2020 season be shorten down to 50 or so games similiar to when the nba went on strike a few years back. At least that way every team will be on a fair playing field next year and still maintain a fairness for this season.
  13. Its crazy how weeks ago we saw this thread and thought what a joke whats the point of it even posted and now here we are and its happening. My guess it he NBA season will not be cancelled but postponned. Maybe next season they will cut the games to 50 or 60 games total to counter that. Theres is no difference in restarting the current season later versus starting a new season so why would they waste everything teams fought for and throw it in the trash.
  14. As a commisioner for my league i did the same thing. i could of easily scooped up all the IR guy and be a jerk but instead i messaged everyone and told them all roster will be locked. We might vote on it but i don't think there is anyway fair to distribute all the players who would of been out for the season but now with a who knows how long break could potentially be back. Out of the players mentioned on that list i still think it would be few players only that can contribute...def not KD or kyrie but guys like simmons, kat, issac could be a league winner specially if they are playing for a team that has something to fight for.
  15. Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA · 4m Thunder broadcast team is saying that due to Rudy Gobert's illness, the officials have put the game in a delay. They are now waiting for confirmation from the NBA if they should play the game or not.
  16. im thinknig no fan is only way to go. There is no telling how long its going take this virus to be contained or a vaccine to be create. I think the way its going its only going get worst. If anyone in the nba gets tested postiive with the virus then i can see a full quarantine happening and postponed.
  17. stocks...go with go with milton
  18. Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050 · 2m Nurse says Powell’s ankle injury isn’t too serious, thinks he’ll be able to play Saturday.
  19. SF just annoucned ban if public event with people over 1,000 including warrior games. I don't know what this means...theres been no woj tweet yet San Francisco will officially ban large events over 1000 people, including Warriors games. Effective tomorrow, the ban will last at least 2 weeks. Other counties and states have taken similar steps. Public health must be first priority.
  20. i would go beasley, nance/chriss
  21. I don't know why the nets even play this guy anymore. His been a TO and bricking machine. I bet they would win more games if they benched him.
  22. His sneaky long term value depending on ish smith hamstring. Coach said he will be out at least a week plus hamstring are tricky. His steals been money
  23. 12 man league yes. 14 i think gasol will be more useful. Itll be another 1.5 weeks before evaluation for towns.