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  1. I think a possible candidate is dalvin cook. No way henry owners will give up henry unless you add someone else. Rest of the 2nd rounds backs got just as much question mark at chubb so might as well keep chubb. I believe in mostert this year his got some high upside but you will need to swallow your trading away your 2nd round pick.

  2. I looked at browns schedule and they do play a good amount of bottom feeder teams where they won't be down. I'm not sure who could we possibly get as a sell high but I think at least schedule favors browns rbs. Only team they play against that would be bad is baltimore week 14. Rest looks like teams that aren't exactly high ammo offenses.

  3. I remember last year owning mccoy. Every game when damien williams got injured...i remmeber it was darrell who stepped in outperformed. Very interested to see what happens tonight. Would not surprise me at all if they annouce darrell as the starter. CEH is only 5'7...that sounds pretty damn short to be blocking people

  4. I got him in every league. His gotta be the best handcuff in fantasy. They already show they dont trust darwin base on last year never using him. They trust him in catching passes and that is where Chiefs rbs been used more in last 2 years with damien williams. If CEH shows he can't do well in the passing game i can see Darrell being more uses and if CEH ever gets inured the backfield is all Darrell's.

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  5. Im high on him this year but i never really thought about what would happen if they go youth movement and start tua...I think parkers and fitzpatrick got that connection going but could see them using tua down the stretch if miami does not stay competitive.

  6. 4 hours ago, duke of queens said:

    Here is what I plan on doing for my league. I am currently in first and the top 2 teams have been pretty dominant(100 buy in).

    1-2- $200-Guaranteed in the money with bye

    3-4-$150-Clinched Playoff spot

    5-6-$125-Currently in playoff position

    7-8-$100-Outside looking in but could get lucky

    9-$50-Long shot for the playoffs but not mathematically out

    10-12-$0-Eliminated from playoff contention

    ya, we did something like that in one league i was comissioner. Not sure how the pro leagues and also yahoo  cash leagues are going handle it.


  7. 14 hours ago, jay_00 said:

    It would be absolutely absurd to refund money to people in Roto leagues. Why should bottom dwellers with no chance of winning get their money back? It would make no sense. The top 5 in every league should get to split the money from the bottom 7 teams. Thats the most fair way to handle it. Heck, i would even be in favor of the top 6 teams splitting the bottom dwellers money.

    I think best is still full refund and 2nd best is to split winnings amount current players who were playoff elgible. Only flaw with that is the 4-6 spot will probably get a very low % return back. Probalby not enough to even cover the buy in. We all know in playoffs its anyones game so 4-6 could of had a shot to win whole thing too.

  8. 14 hours ago, jay_00 said:

    Thats such BS. Why should bottom dwellers in leagues with no chance of winning get refunded? 

    Well based on what they did to hockey the final standings are the current standings meaning whoever is top 3 right now would of final. If that is the case, only the top 3 would get payouts which i think is less fair since anything can happen in playoffs. Basically 4-6 depending on league settings would be out of any form of winnings. Im a little biased since i was 2nd in only one league but 4-6 in my others ones but my team was riddled by injuries and was finally making a push.

  9. 19 minutes ago, Tom Chambers said:

    Didn't he say that two days ago though?  So they're just staying consistent?

    yea I think the way they phrased it made it sound like the NBA is for sure coming back in 28 days when everyone knows right now its open ended. Guess they are just making the point they are not cancelling or making any refunds at this point and they will wait and see for the continuation.

  10. 15 minutes ago, JormaJormala said:

    We have implemented following actions:


    1) Coronadraft - You get to re-draft players to replace players that have lost value from the free agent pool when the league resumes play. Draft order will be determined by the amount of value each manager has lost.

    2) Corona Compensation - If players are out because of corona, you will get their average fantasy points for every game they miss rest of the way.

    3) Banned Players - Players such as Oubre, KAT, Simmons etc. who were injured when season was suspended will be BANNED for rest of the fantasy postseason. 

    is this real or a joke? cant tell lol. Does yahoo offer this amount of flexiblity?

  11. I found this on reddit which i will apply to my league if it comes down to it and everyone seems on board. This is a 14 man, 8 team playoff league. Our playoffs isn't start till week 23. The guys on the cusp 9th-10th don't really have much to complain about because 2.5% of the total pot would of been not much anyways. I think some ratio in ascending order is fair if there is no end in sight. A full refund to everyone makes very little sense since the season was near complete.


    payouts will be


    8 - 2.5%
    7 - 5%
    6 - 7.5%
    5 - 10%
    4 - 12.5%
    3 - 15%
    2- 20%
    1 - 27.5%

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  12. 1 minute ago, Tom Chambers said:

    Everyone's not gonna be happy no matter what. 

    If they just give every one their money back, Yahoo won't be happy if they have to pay back everyone and basically run the pro leagues for free.  Playoff teams 4-6 won't be happy because they had a chance to win money taken from them. 

    If they pay out 1-3, teams 7-12 will complain even though they have no reason to (unless you're a 7 or 8 that could've won big this week and gotten into the playoffs) just to try to get their money back.  4-6 are the big losers here: their chance is AGAIN taken from them.  But 1 is happy, 2 is probably happy and 3 is like...maybe a little content?  And yahoo is as happy as they were normally.

    Is there even another option?


    I think the best likely course is the NBA in real life does not cut the regular season short. Makes no sense to go straight to playoffs when seeding is not decided. They should just drag this out to however long it takes...finish the season as usual. Then for 2020 the league and owners decide how many games should be cut to make up the schedule...whether its 40, 50 games and start fresh from there. I highly doubt the NBA will just cancel this season outright. All the time and effort would of been a waste if they decide to do that. Also makes no some point things will get back to normal and NBA will start up again.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Johnnyapplebot said:

    well for h2h it makes perfect sense to have the end results be what the standings are.

    I don't agree. During playoffs and like in real life its anyones game once your made it in. The last seed can win it all if luck goes his side. It not very often the 1st 2nd 3rd place in standings end up being the final standings.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Tekno Team 2000 said:

    I know for me, I can admit that I didn’t it would happen when this was first posted. I thought at most they could go to just empty arenas games. And I smh at the fact that how could I have been so naive and not seen that this was always the inevitability. Of course at least one player or someone with the team was going to get it and they would have to stop playing for awhile.

    I think they are going to resume starting with the playoffs (probably even shorten the first round back to best of 5) or maybe just play 4 or 5 more regular season games just so teams aren’t rusty going into the playoffs.



    If I was the league i would think its not fair to shorten the season since the 8th spots in both sides are still fair game. If anything push back the season and have the 2020 season be shorten down to 50 or so games similiar to when the nba went on strike a few years back. At least that way every team will be on a fair playing field next year and still maintain a fairness for this season.