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  1. I rather them be winning and he gives some production then the team tanking and they go full hayes mode.
  2. Its possible. Outside of butler and bam there no real 3rd alpha dog.
  3. seems like extended rest has helped guys like millsap and conley. I wouldnt get too hyped about it though. He shown flashes in past and then fizzle aways to average.
  4. Biggest difference btw now and first couple months is his 3 point shooting. that gives him the most value right now besides the good %s.
  5. I grabbed him in all my leagues yesterday. Good fantasy friendly game...shoots some 3s for a ctr..decent rebounds and occasianal blocks. If somehow capela is babied rest of season..could pay dividends. Basically get alex len's 20 mins a game regardless.
  6. His hot right now but im not sold. With two ball dominant guards...the shots are going have to come by from the guard spot
  7. If they weren't fully embracing the tank i would be on this train. They are signing bunch of G league players to fill in the previous G league players they had before.
  8. until brandon knight reclaims his throne in DET again
  9. Jon Krawczynski @JonKrawczynski · 58s The Timberwolves have traded Gorgui Dieng to Memphis for James Johnson, league sources tell @TheAthleticMIN
  10. Candace Buckner @CandaceDBuckner · 19s The #Wizards are trading Jordan McRae to the Denver Nuggets for Shabazz Napier, the Post has learned.
  11. Cavs can't possibly hold onto TT after getting Drummond...they should jsut give TT for anything now.
  12. That trade is what we call a taco trade in fantasy bball where the last place teams gets lowballed and takes it
  13. lol whatttt Kevin O'Connor @KevinOConnorNBA · 1m Pistons will receive Brandon Knight, John Henson and a second-round pick form the Cavaliers for Andre Drummond, per sources.
  14. Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn · 34s Cleveland is finalizing a trade for Detroit's Andre Drummond, league source tells ESPN. Wow huge
  15. Morris value takes a huge hit. I would say his droppable.
  16. I feel like Atlanta is making some bigger moves soon with stock piling all these bigs. Not sure why they would want dedmon or skal.
  17. I think it is best if he is moved. If he stays with the cavs..they will just limit his mins and goto youth movement eventually. Boston and Houston would be good destinations.
  18. Kelly Iko @KellyIkoNBA · 5m Source: Rockets closing in on a deal for a center, currently talking to two Eastern Conference teams. In addition to a center, they are willing to take on additional salary in exchange for assets. Possible TT or drummond?
  19. I can see Houston trying to make a run for drummond. Drummond seems set to go somewhere.
  20. malik provides little outside of 3s and points and dont forget they are still trying to get DLO even though they are shipping out napier. There getting all these picks with the priority of getting dlo in return. With dlo, wiggins and kat there...all these added guys provide little value.
  21. Hartenstein has barely played recently even with no capela. I don't think he is the answer if they are not willing to use him even when his out.
  22. I don't get at all why houston would want to trade this guy. Isn't he one of the young pivotal stars on that team that contributed to there success last couple years. I would think his more valuable than anyone not named harden on that team.
  23. I was trying to sell him like crazy few weeks ago but with the 7th and 8th spot anyones game right now in the east its possible Wizards try to make a run for it. Hoping they try to win a string of games. I still don't get why they don't put there best players in starting line up. They should put bryant, ish, and bertans in the starting line up by now. They always get blown out with the starters and then start catching up when the bench squad comes back in.