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  1. Any chance of changing FA pickups to once a week. If so I might have 2 owners. Just need something that’s not a daily commitment in anyway
  2. Is the money on leaguesafe? I’ve never played in a league like this do we also have to pay a DraftKings fee?
  3. Go to league manager tools and edit owners. Delete an owner and add the new one
  4. No problem but I won’t pay until the vote. Not trying to be difficult but I won’t play in a league with week 17
  5. Couple quick questions any chance of making 6 teams make the playoffs with 2 byes and have the season end week 16 (hate to have week 17 count) also any any chance of making waivers rolling im 100% in and paid immediately if those 2 changes are made. If not nbd
  6. Danh1031@msn.com im in as long as draft date or time doesn’t change. What are the payouts?
  7. PPR Or non ppr? How many teams are you doing? How many more do you need?