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  1. I’m up 16. I have Adams and I’m going against Wentz and Ertz. What are my chances? I’m guessing 10%???
  2. He is exactly who we thought he was.....a stiff
  3. Rosen is trash. Can’t beat the awful Raiders at home. Lost my survivor pool on this debacle. Shame on me...
  4. Of course I just traded for him. Looks like he’s out for Monday
  5. This is BS! I’m not making my playoffs but not 1 catch from the Pack #2 WR? I can’t even play spoiler!!! Screw FF
  6. Where the heck is MVS? He’s the pack #2 WR. How does he not have a catch through the 3Q??? i give up
  7. Am up 2 points. I have Kittle. He has Gould.....and OBJ. I’d be in a much better place if Ertz didn’t go nuts last night. Now I’m in deep....
  8. His outlook is bleak with a lot of pain. Should be well-rested for the 2020 season at least. Or for when he had to bit*h slap his Mom again....
  9. Last 8Q, no Brady TDs how is that possible without even having a running game? Playing the Bills and a bad Packers D. fantasy football is 75% luck and I have 0%
  10. My butt is sore from going 1-7 so far
  11. Gordon, TS massage, Drag, bottom you got a play on words this game is gross. No TDs for Brady. Loser
  12. Lol leopard doesn’t change its spots. Got that mixed up with elephant in the room
  13. People that are mentally ill cant function like normal people. They are late, irresponsible, depressed, tired, etc..... take my wife as exhibit A.....