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  1. Take lineup questions to the Assistant Coach forum please. Thanks.
  2. If the Seahawks backfield becomes a true timeshare, then there's little reason left to even bother playing fantasy football. They were one of the few backfields left that you could actually use.
  3. This, and maybe even throw it to Waller. That'd be nuts to actually use your best pass catcher.
  4. Still nearly a half a game with only 1 target. Just because they've been getting dominated in time of possession doesn't make it any better for Waller owners so far, and it's true he's hardly getting thrown to anymore for whatever reason (not just this week as he only had 2 targets last week).
  5. This should be a solid matchup for him. Nothing makes a whole lot of sense anymore in fantasy football/the NFL. You could have Jesus on your team and he'd still probably do nothing.
  6. Where's Waller? Could say that now for nearly two and a half games actually if he didn't catch a TD in Week 8. So far, 3 targets in almost a game and a half. What happened to him being almost unstoppable?
  7. I would say that the ankle injury was the biggest reason why he all of a sudden became human. He was forced to become a pocket passer exclusively, and while he's obviously a great passer, that's not him. His accuracy also all of a sudden went from elite to borderline bad. It's hard to say that is wrong and it's just that the league figured him out. He was still great even after the initial injury, but then it all took a turn once he re-aggravated it. It's not very logical that the league wouldn't have already tried to adjust before the season started and instead magically figured him out a handful of weeks into this season. I've been thinking all along, like you said, that this knee injury is a blessing in disguise for his late season performance. He wasn't going to quite be the elite guy we all drafted him for if he just kept playing on the ankle the rest of the season, so getting to rest that should help give us that elite performance again when things matter the most.
  8. It is smart to try to have Samuels on your roster if you own Conner at this point, especially for this week with Conner's availability in question. If you were unable to pick him up, I would think a trade could be worthwhile (as long as you don't have to give up too much). You're covered with two RBs that are capable of putting up nice numbers (whoever ends up playing/starting).
  9. The Steelers aren't really known for doing that. If Conner is good enough to play, he'll play. If he's not, then he'll be inactive. Obviously doesn't hurt to post it, but it really doesn't matter if he practices yet. If he is still a DNP on Friday, then there can be some legit concern.
  10. Samuels is exactly what he was before the game started. There's no reason to even answer that question until we know what Conner's injury actually is.
  11. Hard to blame anybody but the coach on this one. Ty came in and was easily the main RB last week, so obviously people are going to think he's going to be the starting RB this week. Not sure who actually started to say if it was in name only or not, but still, the only person to blame here is the coach.
  12. Hard to really draw that conclusion when they don't throw him the ball. I could understand if they were throwing him the ball and he was either dropping the ball or not being able to get his hands to hit because of too much pain in his elbow.
  13. Hard to do anything when they don't throw you the ball. Doesn't make any damn sense against an awful team...
  14. Not saying Tate won't have a good game, but Justin Coleman is supposed to be a solid CB as well (the guy likely taking over Slay's role).