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  1. Patrick. Crowder died, I heard. Seriously, Jets are terrible. Help w/ mine?
  2. I'd still stick w/ Monty -- his skillz ain't much, but he literally gets like 95% of all RB touches, there's no one competing for anything... Hill probably out in front, but other mouths to potentially feed... Help w/ mine?
  3. I go w/ Breida... Jets are GARBAGE - Tua's still learning... they'll run as much as the gamescript will afford them. Help w/ mine?
  4. Pittman. Crowder was all the rage 1st half before he went down -- but the Jets are such a nightmare at this point... Pittman's on the rise. Help w/ mine?
  5. Keep Aiyuk. As a niner fan, I watch all their games -- dude is deadly. Sure our O ain't all that -- but at least you'll have game scripts working in your favor. Help w/ mine?
  6. Ekeler, Mostert, Hunt (bit assumption tho w Ekeler, no)? After that, I'd leave ARob back in. help w/ mine?
  7. Wood. As a 9er fan, I wish I could say our D is solid -- but it ain't... And Goff is in quite a rhythm w/ both Woods and Kupp of late. Help w/ mine?
  8. I'd drop Watkins or Raegor -- it's stuff, you need more WR help and are more stacked at RB -- but those two are your weakest. (too bad trade deadline's gone). Any chance you can let it ride? (don't make a roster move, Mostert can stay on IR)? Help w/ mine?
  9. Title says it all... Beasley - has a decent matchup, and no John Brown (but sometimes throws up a crap day) Boyd - was getting tons of looks, but now has Brandon Allen throwing to him. Samuel - at least has TeddyB back, and throwing to him and a good matchup at MIN, but has had a couple clunkers Leave a link, will help in return, thanks!
  10. I've got to start 3, can't figure out who doesn't make the cut of the 4 -- who would you NOT start, full point PPR? DJ Moore (who the hell is Phillip Walker) R. Woods (seems to be the easiest call I think to start) CeeDee Lamb (DAL sucks so bad, but with Dalton back he may get targets) DeVante Parker (Seems to be a favorite target w/ Preston out, but Tua doesn't throw much) Leave a link, happy to help back, thanks!
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