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  1. Awesome. Let's make it even easier for the Dodgers to make the playoffs
  2. Lets assume baseball agrees with an 80 game plan for those who play in head to head leagues how will you handle the schedule? Will you just cut the amount of weeks in half. Normally in my league we have 25 or 26 weeks. It seems pretty lame to have a 13 week season. Any creative solutions people have been thinking of?
  3. It is going to look horrible if players are public fighting over millions of dollars while millions and millions of people are out of work
  4. Adding playoff teams for starters. Second teams in the AL West get a huge benefit by getting to play a weak NL West outside of the Dodgers gaining a big advantage to make the playoffs then a team like the Rays having to play the Mets,Nats and Braves. Finally instead of playing 100 games which I was ok with we are down to 80
  5. What an awful plan. I'd rather just cancel the season
  6. I don't understand why no concrete proposals other than the vague Arizona plan have come out or been proposed. It's almost May at this point. These plans need to be debated tweaked and voted on which will take time.
  7. So you still haven't said when you would be ok with pro sports opening up again
  8. So your solution is to wait until there is a vaccine?
  9. So your solution is no professional sports until there is a vaccine and not just a flu type vaccine but a polio type vaccine that is near 100 percent effective so we will be looking at at least 18 months at a minimum?
  10. I thought these were just stock photos that the news showed?
  11. Man after reading that article it seems like every player's wife is pregnant
  12. Japan and Korea didn't waste as much time as we did. We are only like 8 days behind Italy. Restaurants in a lot of different parts of the country are still open along with other businesses as well