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  1. Japan and Korea didn't waste as much time as we did. We are only like 8 days behind Italy. Restaurants in a lot of different parts of the country are still open along with other businesses as well
  2. You named petty much all players who weer past their primes when they signed.
  3. So you only want the press to report positive things about this?
  4. Usually means they caught it early when they remove a tumor vs treating it
  5. As far as I know my draft is still happening on Monday.Be interesting to see how this effects the injured players
  6. He's is a 50/50 playing time split. hard pass
  7. He should def go before Sale. I'm not counting on anything from Sale this year
  8. Did you say the same thing the year before and the year before that?
  9. Majority of Boston fans def were on team Eck in that battle.
  10. Just a gut feeling. Last year his body seemed to start breaking down and the Yankees crack medical team seemed to make it even worse