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  1. I’m not mad I took McCoy out of my line up after I read that report. I just mad I woke up at 9:57am with no alarm in time to read that report.
  2. Read somewhere that the starting LT was out of the game and Hockonson was left in as a blocker mostly, as he is one of the best run blocking TE’s in the game. Going forward, I would bench if their are injuries on the o-line. Definitely don’t drop.
  3. In the Championship game, I dropped him for Jamall Williams. I can’t see Jacksonville putting him out there on Sunday for more than a couple carries if any at all.
  4. Up by 13 with my Jameis Winston versus his Matt Bryant. A Winston touchdown should all but seal it.
  5. Thanks for everything McCown. You were more than a viable replacement for the injuried Rodgers, but now that’s he’s potientally coming back we need to make room for our franchise quarterback. It was going to be a tough decision on who to cut between yourself, Alex Smith, and Jameis Winston. You’re a stand up guy for making this hard decision just a little bit easier. Because of what you have done for our team, we haves decided you will replace Rodgers in our IR spot as long as ESPN designations tags allow it. You deserve a chance at a championship. -Mas Queso
  6. Up by 18 points with DeAndre Hopkins left and he has Justin Tucker. Win secures 1st round bye. Up by 5.5 points with Lamar Miller left and he has Danny Woodhead and Baltimore's Defense. A win keeps my playoff hopes alive, and sets up a do or die week 13 match up.
  7. "I just like playing under the lights because it reminds me so much of playing in front of my hometown, like Friday Night Lights," Hill said. "I'm always trying to make that big play under the lights because everyone's watching." Dude scored 7 of 11 touchdowns in primetime games last year. Has 20, 19, 15, and 4 points in my standard scoring return league this year in primetimes games. And 3 of his 4 touchdowns came in those games. You don’t have a boom/bust player as good as Tyreek and consider benching him especially when those lights come on.
  8. Didn’t they only get like 19 total yards in the 2nd half.
  9. I’m thinking if you Dallas this week. Not a good week that’s forsure. I wanted to go KC on Thursday, good thing I avoided that.
  10. I can’t believe I dropped Watson for Siemian after week 2. Guy is a bum..
  11. 39 points from DT in standard. I can see it going either way.
  12. Rolling out Dickson and Funchess tonight. I just need them to hit their projections of 5 and 8 on standard. TNF has actually been pretty good for fantasy this year.
  13. I want to start this guy tonight because of of his last Thursday game. I just have a feeling game flow won’t make him a factor unless someone is tackled within a yard or two of the end zone. It should be a shoot out, but you can’t guarantee or even think that the Pats will get up big in this game. With that being said I’ll probably still start him. Come on 10 carries for 14 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  14. 15th in PPR and 18th in Standard with no touchdowns yet. I don’t think of him has a Flex/RB4