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  1. Need 12.5 points in .5 PPR from Higgins. Hopefully he can find the endzone.
  2. I can't belive Kitchens s---y play calling us still affecting the Browns offense. Terrible
  3. I need Baker and Chubb to have a a game tonight! Let's go Browns.
  4. Need at least 27 combined from Baker, Chubb, and Andrews. Should be a good game.
  5. [...] I definitely see this backfield has his next year. Lets just hope this season continues like this game.
  6. He's definitely a hold for me. He is going to be dependent on Wentz. But the schedule is nice. But there are going to be duds like this.
  7. Great trade for you. You need WR help and this solves this. And you held onto Mixon this long, sell high man! Extra points if you can pull Diggs without giving up much more.
  8. No for the first. I like the 2nd trade for your team. Definitely not selling Chubb low. I would love to get a return like that for him.
  9. You are giving up a lot of upside for Aaron Jones on his bye week in a must win week. I’d pass.
  10. Injury concern is always there. Especially with less off season training and all these soft tissues injuries. But anyone can get injuried. I would prefer the Connor side.
  11. Depending on what you would have to give up, JuJu would be the perfect type of target to help with your wide receiver situation. Just depends how you like the RB/WR cuff. I personally don't mind stacking at all.
  12. I personally do not have a lot of interest in the Titans WR's and especially now with all this Covid outbreak there. Plus with the way the running back landscape is shaping out this season I would rather keep Mostert. But you do need WR help. Might want to try shopping Mostert for another WR trade or package a deal with Mostert and Bell/Moss/Hurst for a quality starter.
  13. I can't really tell what side wins the trade. Seems pretty fair, might like your side a little more. Drake has been extremely underwhelming and R. Jones is interesting, but he is trying to sell high on him. I like Godwin, but he is dealing with his injury, I still feel like that is the most valuable player you are receiving. The only thing is you don't need the WR help outside of maybe this week with Adams and Galloday on bye and Thomas' injury. Godwin doesn't help you there since he is out tomorrow. I would personally try and gamble on other runnings or trying to get
  14. So due to league roster limitations I can only roster 4 RBs on my active Roster. I have Kamara, Chubb, Ekler, and L. Murray(keeper league) I got Chubb in my IR and was able to pick up Justin Jackson. So my question is who would you recommend I drop for L. Bell? L. Murray, J. Justin, or A Ekler? Bonus question if you want to recommend a FAAB % amount. Thanks. Link your post and will help in return.
  15. My 2QBs are my weakest link with Wentz, Burrow, and Mayfield. my other RBs are: Kamara, Chubb, and L. Murray mother WRs are: Adams, Golladay, Gallup Also could take both TEs out of the trade if I’m asking for too much, which seems like the case but figured I’d ask. Link your question and I will respond. Thanks!
  16. Come on Kamara break in this new stadium with the first TD..
  17. I’m not mad I took McCoy out of my line up after I read that report. I just mad I woke up at 9:57am with no alarm in time to read that report.
  18. Read somewhere that the starting LT was out of the game and Hockonson was left in as a blocker mostly, as he is one of the best run blocking TE’s in the game. Going forward, I would bench if their are injuries on the o-line. Definitely don’t drop.
  19. Up by 13 with my Jameis Winston versus his Matt Bryant. A Winston touchdown should all but seal it.
  20. Thanks for everything McCown. You were more than a viable replacement for the injuried Rodgers, but now that’s he’s potientally coming back we need to make room for our franchise quarterback. It was going to be a tough decision on who to cut between yourself, Alex Smith, and Jameis Winston. You’re a stand up guy for making this hard decision just a little bit easier. Because of what you have done for our team, we haves decided you will replace Rodgers in our IR spot as long as ESPN designations tags allow it. You deserve a chance at a championship. -Mas Queso
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