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  1. Well now, yes. I dont think he set out to troll from the start though.
  2. Every center or PF that has ever played in the NBA would not be good at 5'5". This says nothing about Tim Duncan
  3. Ok, you have to be trolling at this point.
  4. I dont even know how to respond to this line of thinking. You can say that about every athlete ever that isnt a jockey.
  5. So Tim Duncan doesn't have substance? He's one of the top 50 players of all time. Literally everyone that covers the NBA agrees. So either EVERYONE is wrong and you are right.. Or the complete opposite.
  6. You are on an island with this take dude. Duncan was awesome. Did everything right. Im assuming he just wasn't flashy enough for you.
  7. I think you mean if you put TB in Rodgers shoes GB would have multiple titles. ARod is not in any discussion of the greatest QB ever unless it is entirely physical skill set based.
  8. Brady hasn't had a top 5 D for all his Super Bowl wins though so this post is meaningless.
  9. Is this sarcasm? Hard to tell sometimes.
  10. Well you can say that about NFL headsets as well. I'm sure anti hacking measures can be put in place.
  11. Not sure if this is a dumb question , but why don't MLB teams just use technology to relay signs so there is no threat of them being stolen.
  12. This was Mahomes this year. QBs almost never finish QB1 multiple years in a row.
  13. People will jump through all kinds of hoops to bring down TB and the Pats. Par for the course.