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  1. Deshaun is 25 and signed. You build around him, not trade him. There is 0.00 chance Deshaun is traded; as much as I would like it to happen
  2. Checking in as Manning goes to the HOF and Brady to thr playoffs without BB. Are there STILL Manning truthers? Brady is off the Pats, it is ok to admit he is the GOAT.
  3. Just checking in to see if there are still any Manning truthers.
  4. The best Mike Vick was better than both. ARod isn't in the same sentence of Brady.
  5. It's not sarcasm at all. Manning truthers have finally just gone to bed.
  6. Is TB a great team? How were they last year?
  7. Checking in on the Manning supporters. Still Manning?
  8. I know you aren't arguing with me, but the point is, there are an infinite number of RBs that can be put into the KC scheme and do well. There is a reason Dwill is 28 and has less than 300 rushing attempts.
  9. Oh is that how football players are measured? Tell me more.
  10. All the seasons. Dude would be out of football if he didn't land on KC.
  11. Too lazy to keep up with the convo, but I am confident Damien Williams is not good.
  12. Can't wait until this makes it's way into the Brady vs Manning thread.
  13. Is this the Elway thread or Josh Allen thread? Josh Allen stinks at QB.
  14. Flash has zero upside at this point. I chased it for a while, but the dream is dead.
  15. Bmcp is just a troll, don't mind him.
  16. Well can you elaborate? Dillon is bigger faster and better than Williams. He is also a better receiver. I dont see what they have in common other than their college. Enlighten me please.
  17. Which ones? They both throw the ball a mile? Allen stinks.
  18. Jalen Hurts is infinitely better at QB than Hill. Silly comp.
  19. If it is new, how would it have had the opportunity to?
  20. Oh, because they went to the same college? Solid analysis.
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