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  1. Also won (my 4th in the main family and friends league I have run since about 2006 or so) with something similar to this happening to me! Took Trout #1 overall and then drafted Donaldson (over JD, who can now be kept for 2019) in rd 2, Bellinger in 3, Contreras in 5, and Cespedes in 6. Luckily, the wire was good to me pitching wise and I did not trade Snell/Buehler (or Flaherty...other owner had his pick) for a package including Luis Castillo. I traded for Dozer, too, and obviously he found himself on the wire not too long ago; just couldn't do it any longer. My championship week was more or less figured out by Friday or so of last week, but my Sunday (last day) lineup was without Votto, Trout, Story, Haniger, and Bellinger due to injuries or off days. Victory tastes sweet, but it was exhausting. Taking a few days (yes, days) off and starting to prep for my title defense! Can't get enough! haha Congrats to you (and everyone else in here) and thanks for any help you have provided!
  2. starting for the braves tonight!!!
  3. He is starting and hitting 7th, although his RW blurb will lead you to believe he is not....smh
  4. Didn't make any fuss about anything; simply posted news. Time to carry on!
  5. Perhaps Posey plays in game 2 only, day game after a night game; wait and see---still awaiting SF lineup
  6. Gohara has one more rehab start, from what I've read, and should be in the Braves rotation on May 8
  7. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see if Soroka is scratched from his start with Gwinnett on Sunday...
  8. I think Gohara may only have 1 rehab start left...just saw that he pitched tonight (although not too effectively)
  9. how far away is he? doubt he's ready yet...but, DJ is potentially headed to the DL (pulled with a hammy injury tonight)
  10. Teheran hurt....? Gohara still a bit of a ways away....Wisler stunk it up recently...
  12. He (and Hosmer) are out until Friday (says Kevin Acee on twitter)