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  1. Have not seen Primtime online the past week and missed a yahoo draft I am in with him too.
  2. From phone...Aaron Hernandez TE-NE Phone not working well so cant see last round of picks..If he is gone then skip me.
  3. If my pick comes up just go ahead and skip me right away.I will pick when I see I am up or passed. Just dont wait on me for these last two picks.
  4. Kind of like my T. Jackson pick. I wait until later to take him without the Favre news.
  5. Sure..Right after the last pick of the draft is made
  6. 337. Pack Attack - Cortland Finnegan (DB-TEN) 338. Wet Bandits - Demetrius Williams (WR-BAL) 339. MMA Warriors - Rashad Jennings (RB-JAX) 340. Skid Flitz-
  7. Pick from phone. Think he is still available. mma warriors takes Erik Coleman (Safety- ATL)
  8. Skid's time has came an gone. 295. The Lucky Ducks - Deji Karim (RB-JAC) 296. Soulcrusher - Bradie James (LB-DAL) 297. Drake - Glen Coffee (RB-SF) 298. Lil Bishes - Jimmy Graham (TE-NO) 299. Multiple Scorgasms - Tyson Jackson (DE-KC) 300. Prime Time - Roman Harper (S-NO) 301. Cobra Kai - Terrell Suggs (LB-BAL) 302. Vuvuzela Vagabonds - Calais Campbell (DE-ARI) 303. Ink Inc. - Michael Jenkins (WR-ATL) 304. Iron Mike's Warriors - John Abraham (DE-ATL) 305. Skid Flitz - SKIPPED, CAN PICK WHEN RETURNS 306. MMA Warriors - Tavaris Jackson (QB-MIN) 307. The Wet Bandits - 308. Pack Attack -
  9. 267. The Lucky Ducks - Bernard Berrian (WR-MIN) 268. Soulcrusher - Brian Dawkins (DB-DEN) 269. Drake - Glenn Dorsey (DE-KC) 270. Lil Bishes - Charles Scott (RB-PHI) 271. Multiple Scorgasms - Mason Crosby (K-GB) 272. Prime Time - Jason Snelling (RB-ATL) 273. Cobra Kai - Everette Brown (DE-CAR) 274. Vuvuzela Vagabonds - Chad Greenway (LB-MIN) 275. Ink Inc. - Danny Amendola (WR-STL) 276. Iron Mike's Warriors - Mike Williams (WR-TB) 277. Skid Flitz- Louis Murphy (WR-OAK) 278. MMA Warriors- Larry Johnson (RB- WAS) 279. The Wet Bandits- OTC 280. Pack Attack
  10. MMA Warriors take Earl Thomas (Safety- Sea)
  11. I looked on yahoo and they have T. Suggs as a linebacker. Not sure if it will allow him to qualify at DE or not.
  12. From phone so cant paste list.. MMA Warriors selects NY Giants defense.
  13. MMA Warriors - London Fletcher (LB-WAS) On phone so can add to list.