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  1. Rosy update from RW. Only out a week maybe?
  2. Already out if for this year and prepping for next. This is a 10 team h2h, OBP, QS 5x5 league. We are keeping 8 for 2021 in our last draft to making the league a dynasty. Really not sure the direction to go down (i.e. do you keep Darvish to continue making a run at it, or develop the Luzardo's/Mize's of the world)? Also have some interesting DL stashes to consider. Who from this 8 would you keep? BATS: Freeman Hiura Lindor Harper Franmil Reyes Victor Robles Jesse Winker (lot of value in OBP league) Jared Kelenic (do I keep and stash a potential top 20-30 player)? PITCHERS: Snell Darvish Glasnow Luzardo Mize N Syndergaard L Severino S Ohtani (SP- Yahoo)
  3. 3rd round is a little steep considering he won't have the 2B/3B next to his name
  4. His numbers are waiver material. The numbers don't match the name. Drop for me
  5. Massive hold with an eye on sure-fire keeper. He will only get better
  6. Have a few different ways to go with my first pick (2nd rounder) in a keeper league where we keep 3 based on round value. Keepers: Aaron Jones, T Hill, Godwin Here are the names that will be available. This is a 2 QB league. so they are at a premium. Would you go with Kyler if available, try to grab a RB2 to pair with Jones, or get one of the below WR's to have the best WR trio in the league (we start 3 WR). QB: Kyler, Watson RB: Carson, Gurley, J Taylor, Gordon, Mostert WR: Theilen, Allen Robinson, Beckham Thoughts?
  7. What is the long-term outlook on this guy? He's no where on future keeper/dynasty lists.
  8. anyone besides the offense-only moron?
  9. Id hold and look for someone with higher upside than Rosario
  10. Plan would be to keep Olson and Marte, yes. Robles is looking like M Margot x 2
  11. This is a 10 team H2H league- we keep 8 for 2021 and it is turning dynasty after the next draft. OBP instead of AVG 5X5 league. Been offered Matt Olson and Ketel Marte for Freeman. Have Lindor and Hiura at 2B/SS already, but Freddie is getting up a bit in age. I am out of contention for this year, so this is primarily future trade. My key players: Freeman Hiura Lindor Harper Robles (keeper from last year, really starting to lose hope) Snell Glasnow Darvish Luzardo Mize Basically, would you bring on Ketel as an 8th keeper, removing Robles, or keep what I have with the better overall player in Freddie?
  12. You have the right list. Thx for the help on mine