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  1. We are still hoping to get this league drafting in the next week or so just need some more teams.
  2. Two main points that haven't really been talked about. Many of these MLB Owners inherited money. Most MLB players worked they way up to being rich. So when it comes to deserving the slice, I'm siding with the dudes who earned not the guys who used daddy's money. Secondly if this was hurting the owners so much and they were in such distress why aren't they selling the team? How many of these owners do you think sell their teams? When regular working class people were actually in trouble they had to sell or lose their home. Just their home let alone their business. It's disgusting some of the owners BS some of you guys eat up. Again you CANNOT be mad about players pay and be okay with owners pay without being a hypocrite period. Honestly simple mathematics says it's illogical to not be more mad about owners pay. Let alone all the other reasons outside of math.
  3. The owners do not hold all the leverage. They hold a lot yes. But they certainly don't hold even close to all of it. Also Blake Snell and other high profile players not playing doesn't equate to no season. Just because the PA comes to an agreement doesn't mean every single player is going to agree to it. So they have the right to sit this one out and I can't fault a pitcher for wanting to save bullets. Especially ones who already got contracts and don't need the service time to get to and through arbitration. The owners need to step up and actually make an investment into the sport. Too often they have reaped big rewards for things like tax payer stadiums. They say they get to make all this money because of the risks they take well here's the time they need to take a risk because the player's risk has certainly gone up. Even if they lost money 1 season in what possibly the history of baseball? It's ridiculous. The players are over paid argument has been a terrible one unless you are in fact arguing that owners are too even more over paid.
  4. Entitled? The argument works much better against the owners in this case. They signed a contract that I am sure didn't stipulate anything about a shortened season or pro rating. So the players when they agreed to pro rate their salaries that was already them doing the owners a huge favor. Players can do what they want that's the beauty of this. They don't have to agree to something they don't want to and that's their right. If he wants to save bullets and not play that's his call not yours or anyone else who is complaining about his comments. Yeah regular people like you and I would be grateful to play for much less than 3.5 million. But why can't the owners be grateful for being MLB owners? They can't just be grateful for that opportunity? They now have to generate profits amidst a pandemic? How about making the investment so you don't lose the fan base? How about playing to bring a championship to your city? There are a million things the owners could do this for other than making money this year because let's be honest every single owner in the MLB has made a ton more money than these players without having to play or put up the health risk. They don't even put up money risk, and this is just another perfect example of that.
  5. Message me your email I'll send you the league constitution.
  6. If anyone is interested we are going to start this league back up. It may not be as deep as we originally wanted but hey better than no league. We would still like to add a couple more owners though and with these negotiations looks like we will have plenty of time to do a slow draft.
  7. The league would really have to hire ones that were under strict quarnetine and they'd need to get tested multiple times a day... hopefully for more than just covid. 82 game suspension for getting caught with non MLB approved hookers. Second time full season. Wait maybe those numbers should get cut in half with us losing half the season.
  8. You realize that all of these arguements easily apply to the owners probably 100×+. He was asked a question and answered it honestly. As a pitcher there is a lot more risk involved already. Now throw covid. Then throw in this get ready nevermind seasons postponed so cool down then get ready again. Throw in the uncertainty going forward. Regardless of if it is within your risk threshold it is certainly far riskier to play this season than in seasons past. So if any player is not comfortable with it then that's their decision. Anyone who has a problem with what Snell said would be a hypocrite to not apply the same logic to the owners.
  9. I'd need to see more evidence of this than rural counties dont cave a case. But I dont disagree with the assertion as people in Flordia and Georgia have been calling this out for weeks. But if you follow the money a lot of these govners are trying to sway the data to win the arguement which is sad. This shouldn't be political and it should be more about getting it right rather than being right. A huge part of being a good leader is to admit when you were wrong and have the ability to readily adjust the plan going forward. Georgia and Flordia and Wisconsin they're all labaratories now. We will see how their cases and deaths spike compared to states that kept a tighter lock down. I have a feeling on the other side of this people are going to regret being so cavalier with reopening.
  10. Are you purposefully conflating 1/8 of counties with 1/8 of the population of Texas? Chill with the cherry picking and moving goal posts.
  11. 200% increase is a 3x. So that would put it over 900k a day. But even that once the right things are in place are well within reason. Positive tests are not exactly from any one specific day and ever so rarely does the new case number include people who were tested in that same day. The majority of tests take over 24 hours to get the results. If that facility is backed up or understaffed it can take days. Weekend cases and deaths are almost always down because less people are working on weekends so less people to gather, sort, and report the data. So take Sat and especially Sunday numbers with a grain of salt.
  12. This is exactly why the best metric to use up until this point has been deaths / million. Also I haven't seen anyone estimate a 30% false negative rate on the tests. From what I've seen it seems to be pretty agreed on by experts that it's currently 10-15% which is drastically higher than tried and true testing of say for the regular flu or strep. All cases everywhere are on the rise. Arizona has had extremely low cases reported, extremely low deaths reported. That doesn't mean Arizona can't spiral out of control with cases but it does mean that it is less likely to happen at this point. Everyone keeps hearing these states are just a couple weeks behind New York. This is and was always totally false and no data I have seen supports this claim. Yes NY may have peaked sooner than other states but other states not only handled it better, more serious, and sooner than NY these other states also don't have the population density of a NYC. I can't see baseball in NYC a good idea at all this season.
  13. Tests per millions isn't impossible to remedy. Funding nearly 100% can fix this. Also cases are so low in ARZ they haven't needed a crazy high volume of tests. Other states have been higher priorities. Testing will continue to ramp up everywhere in the country. If the MLB was coming in with millions of dollars they would even more so ramp up a state's testing.
  14. Daily deaths and new cases have gone drastically down and have stayed there for a few days now. Active cases have peaked in the country. The Upper East coast is where covid is far worse than the rest of the country. 51% of the deaths are in New York and New Jersey. 40% are in New York alone. I fully expect The MLB to start getting very serious about the Arizona plan over these next couple of weeks. I'd be surprised if the league wasn't playing in Arizona by early June. I also fully expect Florida to get scrapped from the conversation because they are doing worse than Arizona with covid19 and they are much closer to the upper east coast where most of the countries cases and deaths are currently at.