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  1. I need Cole Kmet & Kupp to not allow David Montgomery to score 12 points more than them. ESPN gives me a 97% win rating... seems pretty high to me tho.
  2. Hes still banged up they should have let him rest up through the snow slaughter.
  3. Yeah but the insane amount of receptions is what made CMC such a fantasy MVP.
  4. You're talking in hindsight. How often to QBs especailly ones with good O-lines sustain season ending injuries? Let alone an injury this bad? How was Dak being greedy and Jerry Jones not? Dak wanted what he thought he was worth? The guy never missed a game in his career before. Hes done nothing but continue to exceed the expectations.
  5. The team told us that before the season with their words... and then again with their actions when they cut Fournette.
  6. I think Chark is the safer play but Justin Jefferson is the play with the higher payoff. So its more of a question are you in a matchup you should win? If so play it safe if not play JJ.
  7. Id Flex Ebron. Easy matchup and growing role. RB2 for me is between Murray ir Edmonds.
  8. Accept that quickly ... Dak could very well end the season as the #1 points scorer. Julio is losing a lot of receptions to Ridley so hes a lot closer to Brown than they were when drafts were happening. But the gap between Dak and Matt Ryan is paramount.
  9. That's a good point... and to think all they had to do was open this thread to get on the hype rocket known as Flames RB1NSON!!!
  10. Yes Fitzmagic is an above average QB in the NFL. Stop kidding yourself. There's a reason there's always another job for him. Again he isnt the future but hes not nearly as bad as youre making him out to be.
  11. I really don't see how everyone thinks Fant right now is so superior to Ebron or Gesicki.... someone please explain with facts
  12. Yes this! I said this to my buddies about 4 times watching The Bears game. Of course they all were dogging me cause I dropped Edmonds for Laviska last week but I have mad depth at RB and need WR help.