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  1. He looks slow. Funny thing is he out touched Jackson 17 to 10 I believe as he was not much better. However, 17 touches makes me keep him on my bench another week.
  2. Hoping this week will answer some questions for us. Unfortunately, with bye weeks I have to play both Diontae and Claypool. So I am being thrown into the fire.
  3. Legit the worst place he could end up from a fantasy perspective. That sound your hearing is the stock of Evans and Godwin crashing down....Is there a scenario where he becomes the number 1 target?
  4. Not one look to a running back inside the ten just wentz over throwing the end zone.
  5. Is it possible to get Scott like two more catches and 20 yards? Come on man....
  6. Wentz really refuses to look to the check down.
  7. Memo to J Hurts: 1. this is not college that weak option look won’t work here Memo to a Pederson: 1. J Hurts is not Taysum Hill. Please stop.
  8. I believe Jackson plays this week. I was contemplating dropping Kelley but figured one more week against a D that is more RB friendly. The Saints run D is legit. No expectations. The Jackson news is just a reminder of how frail he is.
  9. I would typically agree with this. However, coming off a bye week this is not typical. Couple that with Jacksons history of injuries and it is just one more reason to hold going forward.
  10. I am unsure that anyone is saying he is a good guy. There is a lot of anger and hostility towards him for his off the field issues. No doubt the guy is a dirt bag. However, if you are only going to draft and or roster good guys then good luck to you. The league is full of guys who have had off field issues, served their suspensions and are now playing. Last time I checked their fantasy points were not worth less because of their off field issues. Teams want to win and talent will always win. He will be signed and I would rather have him scoring points for my team in the playoffs than for someone else going against me.
  11. My point is that Woj and Schefter also have contacts within organizations and make calls. Not just agents. When schefter heard reports of Seattle he then works the phone.
  12. Schefter is the Woj of the NFL. He is where you look to confirm the sources that the agents are putting out. He is probs the most connected in the industry. In real life he is a game changing talent. In fantasy he is a potential league winner. When news pops, you take your chance. League winners don’t usually surface week 7. What’s the worst that happens? You drop him....
  13. I dropped Akers for him. Need to see where he goes and what he looks like.