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  1. I usually am a wait until late to grab a QB. But with the potential of a positive test meaning 14 day quarantine. Is anyone drafting earlier and grabbing two quality guys just in case? The other positions should have enough depth to cover any issues.
  2. A guy like Sekou Doumbouya has 45 pages of raves and this guy goes to a great situation and it is like meh....smh.
  3. I was offered Porzingis and Gary Harris for Wiggins and Wood....I said pass...
  4. After 3 months of having Wood as a must add and letting us down, the RW writers can say they were ahead of the curve with this guy....thanks to the one team that no one saw coming in Cleveland making a deal in the 11th hour....glad I grabbed woods a couple of weeks ago...
  5. Word is Brandon Knight, John Henson and a pick....I do not see a path that has Henson getting more minutes than Wood....Free the Beast!!!!!!
  6. Woj reporting that Cleveland is finalizing deal for Andre Drummond....Could this be a trade and flip?????
  7. Why would he be shut down risk? He is not injured. He is 24.
  8. Love all the last minute “out” players. Markieff, Tristan...is this a prelude?
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/basketball/news/warriors-omari-spellman-to-share-time-at-center/amp/ timeshare.....
  10. All this guy does is produce when given the opportunity. Another solid outing without Drummond. Imagine giving him 35mpg??? #caseyfreewood
  11. I was going to drop and now will wait and see. Chriss is on a two way and the number of days will be an issue at some point. Looney will be back as well.
  12. The man got paid and turned into a pumpkin.
  13. This is woods audition, don’t mess it up son....