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  1. This is woods audition, don’t mess it up son....
  2. So four minutes in and Thon Maker has become Drummond. Wood set for his regular 15 minutes??? At least we get a preview of who is the add. Rotoworld will have Thon as the must add this week.
  3. If Rose is traded for Kuzma neither Sekou or Morris retain any value....
  4. The per minutes continue to amaze....if Drummond does not get traded, how can they leave him on the bench when Sekou is not doing much. Let’s run the two together for a little while and see how it works...
  5. Thanks coach Gentry for waiting until 3:38 to announce that Favors and Okafor out and Hayes starting. I had started Wood at 2pm based on the per minute stats. I am sure you didn’t know that they were out at noon today....SMH
  6. The sound you hear is the door slamming shut on a trade. Detroit actually gave up a first round pick that would have been in the top 14 from Atlanta holding out for more. The offers are not going to be as good moving forward. The fact is a guy who is not willing to sign extension before testing the market is a rental and they are not worth a franchise altering haul to obtain.
  7. He is in at the 4 for green...maybe the minutes will still be there...
  8. Kerr is no different than any other coach. Has to start Spellman for injuries and say he is the guy. They waive Chriss and resign him and now Spellman is back to the wasteland. I can’t with this stuff...
  9. They will either get a fringe prospect or a late first round pick from a contender for a rental. They will need a scrub on a high paying expiring deal to make the money work. This is not an Anthony Davis situation where he is going to the team he wants and will be a full year before extension is up. If Detroit wants more they should let him hit the market and see what he commands. If it is reasonable like everyone thinks (capela, Vucevic) then match it and see if he really wants to stay like he is saying. I don’t see a deal getting done until Detroit lowers expectations.
  10. Two games in a row is showing something. Would like to hear Casey in the post game presser when they ask why he sat Drummond. I want to see a few more games with solid minutes before I am ready to anoint him a league winner.
  11. That has been the issue. He won’t commit until free agency so he is basically a rental. Teams don’t want to give up a coveted first or valuable young asset to get him.
  12. If he were traded or a deal was imminent he would not have played at all. They don't request to play limited minutes. My guess is they were down and the bench brought them back in the 4th so coach left the bench guys in. Wood was having a quarter so he let him roll. The trade is going to happen but it will be closer to the deadline IMO.
  13. I love the fact that RW writers are so far in on this guy that they can't let it go and keep asking everyone to hang on one more week....