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  1. Also, keep in mind that we never did our draft.
  2. Right now, the best idea ive come up with was to set up two leagues. One league for the regular season and one for the post season. For the regular season league, we will run it as a 14 team roto league. Nothing too fancy....but maybe top 6 teams make playoffs. Since we typically run a categories h2h league, I'm thinking once the playoffs begin, we'll all switch to the second league and run our playoffs with our typical rules. Its a little annoying but for the regular season, everyone is on a level playing field....and for the playoffs, we can run the league exactly how we've been running it for years. Strategies are also a little different for team building but I think I like this.
  3. Are you keeping track manually or is this some kind of setting you can do?
  4. If this topic is already being discussed and I just couldn't find the thread, please delete, but if not, im curious what some of you guys are doing? For about the last decade we've run a 12 to 14 man h2h category league. We decided not to draft with the season in limbo early on but now that it looks like MLB will have a 10 week 60 game season, I need to get creative and figure out how I can structure a league with a short season. What are you guys doing? Post your guys ideas / league format here!
  5. Brown for me. Saints titans game has the second highest O/U this week. Points will be scored in this game.
  6. I’d go Myers. Give me the kicker on the team that will score a ton of points.
  7. I’m good benching gurley vs SF. Gurley is very TD dependent and SF can limit the rams offense. I don’t see the pats scoring a ton of points but I can’t see Brady taking a ton of sacks or making a lot of mistakes. I think the bills are a safe option that won’t score a ton of points but won’t pay a stinker. will Grier was named the starter for Carolina...so I think the colts are a boom or bust option. I think if you’re going for upside, I roll with the colts, if you want to play it safe I go bills.
  8. i agree with you there. The Vikings are scheduled to practice on Saturday so hopefully there will be something released prior to the start of the games on Sunday. Chark makes me nervous though, you wouldn’t start Amedola over chark considering he is now the number 1 option?
  9. I’d bench singletary for sure. While he’s a good player, I think the AFC east showdown is a low scoring game. Not to mention I saw a stat that josh Allen has a 51% completion percentage against the 6 top 10 passing defenses he’s played this year and I believe during the last match up between the pats and bills, he had something like a 45 percent completion percentage. I’m personally not starting anyone in that game. with that being said, I think you need to play it safe and start mosart if nothing is official for the Monday night game. If news breaks that cook / mattison is out, I’d start Boone. throw me your two cents.
  10. Really tough choice between the 4 but I think I’d agree with your line of thinking. I think if you’re going to play it safe I’d go with Gordon though if you feel like you have a big advantage this week. If you’re going for upside, I’d go with perriman. give me your two cents
  11. Been playing fantasy football since 2004ish and have never won a football championship in a legit league. I am known as being the guy that takes the most brutal and unlucky losses. It’s almost impossible to run as bad as I have since I’ve been playing. Between the 3 leagues I’m currently in, I’m about 0-8 give or take in finals and have endless amounts of brutal losses and upsets in the playoffs but here I am with another chance to break the curse. I would like some opinions on my starting line up going into this weekend if possible. Standard scoring. 6 pt passing TDs, .5 ppr. What do you guys think? qb: tannenhill rb1: ingram rb2: peterson wr1: tyreek wr2: cooper wr3: perriman TE: ertz flex: boone D/ST: denver bench: chark, Tyler boyd, Damien Williams, amedola, Brissett, IR: jacobs On a side note...the guy in the finals vs me used all his faab to grab D. Washington when Jacobs Went down but as fate would have it, he had cook and Godwin and I was able to repay the favor by grabbing Boone and perriman this week.
  12. I say always start the studs that got you there. I’d play cooper. I’m starting him in my semis today if that means anything to you.
  13. If Conner plays, you have to start him if it’s either him or snell. help me.