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  1. Where’s the guy who kept saying how bad Drake was? How Gase was using him correctly and how he couldn’t be the number 1? 🤣
  2. Could’ve used that last week and I wouldn’t be in the consolation bracket 😥
  3. 😂🤣Dont you know anything about statistics 😂😂🤣🤣
  4. Where’s the golden shoes guy to tell us how FFB isn’t luck based and we should’ve seen all this coming?
  5. I’m going to roll with Phil over Tevin this week. Denver is at home and Rivers likes to turn the ball over. Despite Denver’s inability to score points recently I think Phil is still getting the ball enough and averaging nearly 5 ypc. Hoping Denver plays tough and keeps the game script favorable for Phil to get 15+ touches with a chance for a TD.
  6. Adams just isn’t very good. He was isolated on a LB as Jones slid to the outside on Sherman. Adams then Cha-chas against the LB instead of just beating him straight up.
  7. I’m well aware. I’m also well aware of Mostert and Wilson and Garbagelo unable to complete a pass to a RB (Coleman) in the flat
  8. It’s so annoying watching this game as a Jones and Coleman owner
  9. 29 points if this guy could stop completing his first pass to the defense every week who knows
  10. What the hell is Zeke doing with that beach towel in his pants? what a ******** clown.
  11. As far as I can tell Chark was involved on one series this game. Before and after fuhgettabaddit
  12. My god, I’ve had my kicker game scripted out of so many games over the years and here is gutless Jags kicking down 25 with 5 to go
  13. Quit throwing the ball to Fournette. Chark only produces when given the chance
  14. I think it’s the death of the 30 touch RB and cuteness of offensive coordinators trying to be the most clever guy in the stadium. My league started in 1998 and if you had Faulk, Holmes, Alexander yeah you had an advantage because those guys averaged 30 points a game. But you were also getting 20 from average guys because volume. These days you get 40 from Aaron Jones one week then 7 the next. LT didn’t have Jamaal Williams and a clever coordinator.