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  1. Injuries are the only concern here. Has all the talent in the world to anchor any fantasy team. Not sure i'll be drafting as high as some this year even though I absolutely love this kids talent. SS is super deep this year and i'll be hard pressed not to take mainstays like Lindor or Story over him.
  2. This kid has the goods to be a true ace. Drafting wherever i can
  3. Verlander can still pump upper 90's heat. Kluber is a finesse pitcher with very little life on the fastball these days. He has very limited margin for error with his secondary pitches. I actually like Lance Lynn a lot more then I do Kluber.
  4. Thank you Barkley for coming through when it mattered the most. [...]
  5. Henry is the master key that unlocks that entire offense. No need to play 8 men in the box anymore. I can see Tannehill scuffling this game.
  6. He just torched two of the worst pass defenses in the game. I feel some recency bias when everyone is overlooking some of the factors going into this game.
  7. Getting cold feet here now that it looks like Henry will be out. Even more attention now in stopping Brown with nobody to account for in the running game.
  8. I'm also weary of this match up. I feel like Saints do there best to game plan Brown out of this game after his recent run of success. Lattimore will be on him and it's also possible they have a deep safety to take away that long ball.
  9. Looking at Grier's preseason film and he looks fairly competent and throws a really nice slant. Could see DJ house one with that type of accuracy. Starting to feel better and better. No way I want to bench DJ after he got most of us here.
  10. If you can't trust him who are you going to trust at this point at the wasteland of TE? I'm in the championship right now with him starting every week and he's bound the bust out of his funk. No better week then this one with the elite match up. Bring it home Hunter.
  11. I really wish i did not have to make this decision but the Colts secondary just got shredded and they are also banged up. I'm leery with the new quarterback but the match up remains favorable. Allen would lock in on DJ Moore. We have zero evidence Grier will do the same. For all we know he finds a love affair with Greg Olsen. I have another great option off the bench to lean on. This one is going to be tough.
  12. I'm starting him next week. Should be some Monday night fireworks versus Green Bay. He made it through healthy and he said after the game he feels great. I'm ready for him to win me this chip.