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  1. Yesterday. Though this is another gem of a quote. “When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases. They [the media] don’t want to write that.”
  2. Fwiw the World Health Organization on the idea of herd immunity. And an article from 538 on herd immunity. WHO: Herd immunity for the coronavirus is a 'dangerous conceptconcept' Without A Vaccine, Herd Immunity Won’t Save Us
  3. The saddest and most horrifyingly amusing thing is seeing people react to that article by doing the very thing the article discusses. While there may be certain individuals that are erroneously put into coronavirus death counts, it's painfully clear numbers are being way undercounted overall. Anyhow, here's the quote of the day from the president on the coronavirus. "They're running into death just like soldiers run into bullets, in a true sense," the president continued. "I see that with the doctors and the nurses and so many other people. They go into those hospitals, it's incredible to see. It's a beautiful thing to see."
  4. Faced with an appalling US coronavirus death toll, the right denies the figures ^^^ Some possible insight into why and how some are fighting and denying the numbers so much.
  5. Because one person is underpaid and risking their life at work is not a good argument for why another person should be underpaid and risk their life at work. I can see the argument for giving players their full salary and also the argument for giving them a prorated salary. But right now the owners are trying to reduce players pay even further than what they already agreed upon. And for that they can get bent.
  6. It was in March. Healthcare workers still struggle to have enough masks. But the fact you find this to be some kind of gotcha because he isn't doubling down on his statement as time and more information emerges is incredibly revealing. Thank you for making your perspective incredibly clear throughout this thread. I appreciate being able to better understand people and I'll make sure to take it into account with your future posts.
  7. Did you listen to his entire quote, or are you simply running with this? Eta Link for others to listen for themselves.
  8. What agenda is being pushed other than a lot of people are dying who didn't need to die if this had been handled better? Also, now that you're back can you clarify your insistence states have no plan despite your home state literally having a plan? I was trying to give you benefit of the doubt on what you consider a plan but would like to better understand if you simply were mistaken in thinking nobody has a plan as you repeatedly claimed, or if we fundamentally disagree on the definition of the word.
  9. ESPECIALLY when you consider one of the biggest - arguably *the* biggest - opponent to medical opinions is Trump. A man who as of a month ago had averaged 15 lies or misleading statements every single day for the past 1,170 days.
  10. What is it you think I *want* to hear? Because experts are saying lots of people are drying and lots more people are going to die if we refuse to take basic precautions. What is it about that that makes you feel it's easy? This is part of what I really cannot wrap my head around. Again, there are medical professionals who work and study this exact thing we're dealing with. The majority of them are mostly saying the same thing (with some minor disagreements over minor specifics). And yet...we're supposed to look at "both sides" with some degree of equal credibility instead of laughing them out of the room. It's utter insanity. It all reminds me of that famous Asimov quote, "Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'" Seriously, when did we get to the point that experts in their field became an insult or a bad thing? The idea that each of us can pour over all the data and all the information and judge things for ourselves is something I find gobsmackingly insulting. Like, sure, doctors and other healthcare professionals have spent years, if not decades, doing this very thing. How much time could any of us have possibly spent going through all the information to be taken as a serious source on par with Fauci or other people who have been spending their career in this subject? Hell, how many of us are even working in healthcare and going to work to directly deal with this stuff on a daily basis?
  11. Why would you not believe medical experts who have been working in their field for decades? The most frustrating thing for me is on one side you have well trained medical professionals saying one thing, and people who lack the same credentials on the other side saying something else. And people just shrug their shoulders and say "Eh, there's no way of knowing who is telling the truth, so I'll just ignore everything." Help me understand your perspective on why people like Fauci should be ignored.
  12. Fwiw Dr. Fauci also says the deaths are likely higher.
  13. Tony covered it well with the above posts. It's possible there may be pockets of padding but deaths are absolutely being undercounted overall. We probably won't get an semi accurate number until well after the year is over and can compare average annual deaths to previous years.
  14. Florida and Georgia have been giving inaccurate/very delayed numbers. Deaths are absolutely being underreported.
  15. Paraphrasing from Twitter, but why is it McDonald's can severe millions of hamburgers every year, but if I try ordering 10,000 from my local drive-thru suddenly there's an issue?