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  1. Yeah, if you only have one IL spot I don't see how you can possibly draft this guy. Injuries happen to healthy players you draft. Add in potential setbacks and this screams stay away. We're looking sometime in May in the best case scenario.
  2. Cause us to spend dozens of pages arguing whether some billionaire can afford to pay him and whether he'll live up to the contract. Especially once he hits an inevitable cold and hot streak during the season.
  3. At the current ADP I'm not sure you can afford to miss out. The power upside is enormous.
  4. Fwiw his wife is from the greater Philadelphia area (Jersey). The Phillies should still be a good team, but there's a lot of value in having a happy spouse when all else is equal-ish.
  5. I honestly think he'd be an interesting fit for the Angels. Pujols can kind of still hit lefties. Bird might be a decent, cheap platoon guy to share backup/part time work.
  6. Yes, let's blame Boras for doing his job and getting his clients the most money possible while ignoring big market teams suddenly trying to pretend they're Oakland or Tampa. I forgot how many godawful and downright laughable hot takes we get in the off-season. The system is currently broken and needs to be fixed in the next negotiations. Maybe players need to reach free agency sooner. But lmao at blaming an agent for doing their job and crying in support of some billionaires who don't want to open the wallet a bit more.
  7. Red Sox would be absolutely nuts to trade Mookie. Boston is trying to dupe their fans into acting like they're a small market team. They're mostly built to be a contender. You don't trade guys like this when you're a possible WS threat and have no realistic budget. Reassess at the ASB if you've fallen out of it.
  8. Lol at anyone wanting to franchise to trade away Mookie in his potentially last year like they're the A's or some other low budget franchise. The whole damned point of being a big budget team is to splash the pot when a legit superstar comes available. Pinch pennies elsewhere. Don't go cheap on a guy like Betts. You can only be so smart with your money. At some point it's about getting the best talent possible and that means you need to overpay. Tampa or other poor teams can't do that. But Boston, la, ny, etc are nowhere near poor teams and it's insanity to see people act like they are. Good Lord, folks. Watch a little less Moneyball. This was the same crap we saw with dodger fans last season. Y'all are brainwashed and delusional. The teams you root for are not poor. Stop acting like it.
  9. We don't know if he's on KJ's level so can't say he is or isn't. But let's forget real football for a moment because who really cares. If he's decent enough he'll get playing time. If he gets some dump off passes he has a very obvious path to offering more fantasy value than Kerryon. A lot more. KJ had 9 catches through 5 games (ignoring the game he got hurt). Ty had 4 catches last game alone.
  10. If Ty can catch some passes he's got a very clear path to offering more fantasy value than KJ. Not enough people are appreciating that potential difference.
  11. Is there any speculation who Pittsburgh is looking at for their next pitching coach? The peripherals all look lovely, but I'm a touch hesitant to dive in on any arms from this organization until I'm seeing some signs they're embracing the modern era.
  12. I'm interested in all the Colorado middle infielder guys, but outside of Story there are some real questions about playing time. McMahon is someone I'm interested in buying if he falls to me but he's not someone I'm interested in targeting at this time. That might change after I see how it all shakes out in the spring. There are several red flags here but as you hinted at, Colorado is an extremely interesting place that makes it hard to ignore any of their players entirely.
  13. This guy is going to draw some pretty strong opinions if last year's thread was any indication. His upside puts him as a discount version of Altuve. But let's look at last year pre and post ASB. Pre all star break he was an all average, no power kind of guy. He had 318 plate appearances and hit 349. But only 7 home runs. Post all star break he was a different hitter. He had 249 plate appearances and hit 276. But he hit 16 home runs. His babip dropped more than 100 points in the second half from 385 to 266. Babip is often a misleading stat, but if we dive a bit further he was hitting the balls harder in the first half and more fly balls in the second half, which supports some babip decline. What is it we should realistically expect from him next year? Doubling either of the halves? Combining the best of both worlds and getting a 320+ average with 30+ bombs? The worst of both worlds and a 270 something with 15 homers?
  14. I don't think you'll need to draft him there. Who knows how this will all end up going by spring, but I'm hard pressed to think he's going to get drafted earlier than a #3/4 arm for teams. He's simply not a sexy name. The production was amazing but he's old enough that I think people aren't going to fully buy into this being a breakout and lean more toward it being a good year + luck.