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  1. Sorry I left out the details. 10 man. Half PPR, 1 flex, 2 WR, semi-deep bench. Judging by my penny pinching league mates, I bid 22 bucks and won 👍.
  2. Robert Woods has been dropped in our league. I have $98 left of a $200 budget. How much should I bid?
  3. Pick up Dylan Carlson and drop J-Rod? Keep forever league.
  4. Who needs plate discipline when you crush the ball?! *Looks at Joey Votto* 😒
  5. I am now convinced the closer role for the Braves is CURSED!
  6. Out of Julio Rodriguez, George Valera, Kristian Robinson, is Luciano the best of the bunch?
  7. Is he a hold for now? Not many options available on the WW.
  8. That has never been up for debate.
  9. Even after the majority of owners drop him, he still screws them! McHugh single handedly ruined my week.
  10. Needed ERA so I sat. As long as he pitches well ROS, I can live with the decision.