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  1. The one frustrating thing about RoJo is being taken out in the two mintue drill. This season i can count at least 3 times he would of scored a TD.
  2. i don't mind a bad game here and there but he was hardly on the field. Is this guy dropable? Even in larger leagues?
  3. 6 targets out of the slot. McLaurin is getting all the attention and rightfully so. Should we pick this guy up?
  4. With all these break outs on the waivers it’s hard to hold onto a guy with 1 catch week one. Anyone jumping ship here? Seems like Brown is their #1 and this isn’t an offence that can sustain two WRs
  5. High 2nd round pick. 1,600 yards at USC his final collegiate year. Post hype sleeper I think he’s legit this year.
  6. Crowder got a fumble on that lateral play? Lol
  7. .5 ppr league need to decide on either Jacobs or Mixon thoughts? RB’s are Conner, Mixon, Jacobs
  8. Bears RB usage reminds me of the days I had Jordan howard and wanted to scream lol
  9. Pure entertainment. Gonna sit back and enjoy this circus as a non Antonio brown owner lol
  10. Joe Mixon is just as talented if not more so than David Johnson and given DJs situation he still performed well. Don’t over think this one
  11. David Johnson was a top 10 RB last year with the exact same situation.
  12. Week 1 waiver wire articles will be salivating over this kid