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  1. Miley doesn't have the stuff to fool Cody. Tonight he fills it up.
  2. Should be in the lineup today... SB's galore.
  3. He's a hold for me. He honestly should have been left in the minors for one final rehab tune-up. He will be fine.
  4. Junkie is right... those are the stats. Numbers don't lie, people do. I still think the only way he gets his head right is with a demotion to AAA for several weeks. Kid needs humbled.
  5. He will be fine come June (after he is sent to AAA for 1-2 starts). Luis needs humbled!
  6. Clintus (mevins31) added Tazawa in our league - he'll be tying him and others to the WHIP'ing post soon enough, no thanks!
  7. James McCann is a top notch add to fill in for Gary S.
  8. Great player, love having him on my squad.