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  1. Colinsworth can STFU with the QB comparison. You can swap the WRs and Mitch would still be inaccurate.
  2. What could have been had Barkley gave me and other owners maybe 20% more than what we got in the early parts of the year. Finished 3rd but bitter sweet.
  3. Tate in injury tent. Took a big hit during punt return.
  4. Are 49er DST owners looking at other options for the final stretch? Can’t drop them of curse but I’m looking to pair them up with either Cowboys or Falcons.
  5. With a QB coming back from a bad shoulder to boot. The hell is Nagy thinking there!?
  6. Might as well make a drinking game out of it at this point.
  7. I don’t think the Bears are going to outscore our local hockey team tonight. The blackhawks currently have 4 goals.
  8. It's the late night game unless it gets flexed out (which probably would have happened already) so unless you have Cohen as a hedge, you're playing with fire here.
  9. I would make the trade since I have no faith in a boom/bust, always hurt Fuller. Alshon and Jones should be enough to offset any Jameis meltdown game. Thanks for your input earlier btw.
  10. I could have sworn that Montgomery came up on the injury report this week so I would lean Jordan if the injury doesn't get better this week. I would go with Terry as well.
  11. I would lean Chark due to target volume alone. Granted he hasn't done much lately with those targets but volume is volume.
  12. I'll be giving up Metcalf for Hunt. Edelman, Sutton and Ridley are my other WRs. Barkley, Leveon, Breida, and Mattison are my RBs. Barkley (bye) and Breida (ankle) are forcing my hand at this point and the free agent pool is barren of RBs. Advice? WHIR
  13. And I thought I had it bad watching Trubisky. Just lol @ Baker.