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  1. I see your 10 @kidtwentytwo. I'll take a stab ... 1. Pete Alonso hits over .275 with 40+ HRs and solidifies himself as a late first rounder in 2021. 2. One of the Newcomb, Wright, or King Felix finishes as a top-50 SP 3. Hunter Harvey has more than 25 saves. Andres Munoz gets 15+ himself after the trade deadline. 4. Danny Jansen has the breakout catcher year everyone expected last year - .270+ AVG with 20+ HRs. 5. David Price wins 15+ games with 175+ Ks. 6. So does Kenta Maeda for the Twins. 7. Ke'Bryan Hayes posts a 15/15 season. Pirates OFs combine for 50+ steals. 8. Austin Riley has a vintage Troy Glaus season - .250+, 30+, 100+ 9. Half of the top-20 closers by March NFBC ADP lose their jobs at some point in the season, whether due to injury, trade, or performance. 10. Oakland, Minnesota, and Tampa win their divisions with NYY and HOU taking the wild cards. Atlanta, St. Louis, and Los Angeles win their divisions with Cincinnati and Philadelphia winning wild cards.
  2. Trevor Gott seems like a dark horse for the Giants closer. Blew three fastballs by Trout the other day. I’ll also add that Farhan Zaidi was in the booth during a spring training game the other day and said Watson was basically 7th/8th inning guy. Shaun Anderson is competing for a starting role, and with the injury to Beede, they’ve got to have someone eat innings in the rotation. IIRC, when Anderson pitcher out of the pen last year (with success), Gott was injured. Gott has looked incredible this spring, the GM mentioned him by name as a closing option over the more heavily speculated Watson ... I’d watch this one very closely.
  3. Can’t believe we’re three pages in and nobody mentioned the most unlikely perfect game in MLB history (outside of Dallas Braden’s perhaps): PHILIP HUMBER
  4. I don’t think he was drafted with the expectation he’d hit .220, especially since he’s not exactly known for his glove. Hit tools are incredibly hard to project. Maybe he turns into Gallo at C. Maybe he’s Tyler Flowers.
  5. We see things differently. Youth movement - fine. Semantics. And they absolutely held Acuña down for service time reasons. Without question.
  6. Perhaps I am missing your point. Please enlighten me. It sounds as if you're arguing the Marlins are bad for the game by not playing their best players. I, and others, have pointed out that they're proceeding with the best course for their franchise under the current system. So if it's bad for their fans, I'd hope their fans understand the system and trust the process. I don't disagree that the system isn't ideal and shouldn't be changed. But under the current system, I don't understand how what they're doing is bad for the game, which is what you're arguing. Which part of the game is it bad for, specifically? ETA: From 2010-2013, the Braves picked no higher than 21st and secured such luminaries as Matt Lipka, Sean Gilmartin, Lucas Sims, and Jason Hursch. They gave up their 2014 first rounder to sign Ervin Santana, the same year they signed BJ Upton. They finished 79-83 and started the rebuild after that. In 2015, the Braves picked 14, 28, and 41 in the 2015 draft - Allard, Soroka, and Riley In 2016 they picked 3, 40, 44 - adding Ian Anderson, Wentz, and Muller Their tear down trades included acquisitions of guys like Folty, Newcomb, Swanson, Touissant, etc. Their scouting department has been outstanding - without question - and they've done exceedingly well internationally (prior to the Coppy penalties). But those drafts (and the ones after 2016) rebuilt the farm system, without question, which (along with strong player development) has positioned them where they are now.
  7. I think the outrage over a team doing what's best to build a consistent winner is misplaced, yes. And I don't see it as bad for the game. I'm quite happy Atlanta tore things down and rebuilt ... look where they are now. As a fan, I'd much rather my team do that than hang out in no man's land, never good enough to win, and never bad enough to get the elite prospects.
  8. No one in Houston is complaining these days. Same arguments were made about them. Washington did the same thing before that. It's the current CBA ...
  9. I don't disagree with this at all ... I think it's kind of the confluence of events: not on 40-man, didn't line up perfectly, Hernandez and Yammamoto have pitched well, etc.
  10. I think it's more likely we see Vaughn before Rutschman because of two things: 1) Competitive cycle of the Orioles (in the AL East) vs. White Sox (in a wide open AL Central) 2) Position - catchers almost always are slower to the bigs than any other positon Rutschman is widely considered to be a plus defender already, and the bat is comparable to Vaughn. If the Orioles are comfortable starting his service time clock, I think Rutschman could come up in mid-late 2020 and start to shape the culture of that team, improve all the pitchers, get his feet wet against MLB pitching, etc. But if you're the Orioles, cruising to another top-5 pick, and probably still getting pounded next year, does it make any sense to do that? Why not wait until a few weeks into 2021 and pick up that extra year of control for the guy that's supposed to be the face of your franchise? Also, consider the case of Danny Jansen, a catcher that hit exceedingly well in AAA and his big league debut (in enough of a sample to take seriously), and now he's just completely overwhelmed. It does make some sense to get Rutschman through that phase while the team isn't in the thick of a pennant race. On the other hand, Vaughn can play 1B or DH, has just an advanced bat, and would be joining a team with Moncada and Eloy as the faces of the franchise. Plus I think the White Sox are way closer to competing in the AL Central. Vaughn up mid-late next year won't surprise me at all.
  11. Probably so, but the date is fluid, obviously.
  12. He's basically in the first week of Spring training ... guessing he's up after the break. Late-July to early-August.
  13. I don't disagree the Super-2 and arbitration system in general need an overhaul (and probably get one under the new CBA), but I can't really fault the Marlins for this. They're going nowhere ... might as well wait a few more weeks to save millions in payroll when you're a "Garbage a** organization" as you say, which I don't disagree with one bit.
  14. This feels like guaranteed Super-2 manipulation. Idk how long Ureña is projected to miss, but I can’t imagine Gallen isn’t called up if Yamamoto and/or Hernandez are shelled and there’s an open rotation spot. I think they’re trying to get as late in June as possible as the Super-2 date is usually right around this time.