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  1. How is modifying an illegal lineup shady? He played a player in a slot they were not eligible for.
  2. There have been worse, the difference is that those teams admitted failure and didn't try to shove their failures down your throats for 4 years.
  3. This Bear defense couldn't be any less interested in being out there.
  4. Nope Mccaskey sucks and they'll point to his overall winning record to justify keeping them around.
  5. Because its apparently legal to hold a receiver up and have someone else take swings at him as long as it's in the vicinity of the ball. Of course they also missed a double face mask on Trubisky so maybe they're just bad.
  6. Best WR performance I've ever gotten, thanks Tyreek.
  7. Not starting Gronk looks like it was a mistake. Oh well, it makes me feel better about him going forward.
  8. You tried to play a player in an ineligible slot, I fail to see the problem.
  9. I read an article that said even if Baltimore activated their entire practice squad they still wouldn't have a full game day roster.
  10. Thank you for your contributions this year Tyler, but to waivers you go.
  11. Following today's impressive performance, I'm absolutely terrified to start him next week in what looks like a really bad match up.
  12. There goes the chance to turn Murray's day from awful to merely bad.