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  1. Not for 2020, but if we're talking Seattle RP then Sam Delaplane is the one I prefer.
  2. If you're going ceiling Rochio is your guy. As a Paredes owner I'm quite comfortable with the bat if he can stick at 3B, unfortunately I think it's more unlikely than likely at this point. He's a fairly safe play to at least give you something at the big league level. With that said, I'd be happy with just Bieber and Manoah, so you might as well dream big on the third piece.
  3. I just don't see the ceiling on Madrigal to warrant 13.
  4. Why should the players be punished because the teams agreed to bad contracts? Do the teams reimburse players who agree to far below market contracts?
  5. Pretty nervous after his power went missing in the 2nd half. 8HR in 233PAs with the juiced ball is definitely underwhelming. With that said, the obp and extra base hits are still there so he should still be solid.
  6. Drake on the bench and a Mostert lateral. I really need Buffalo D to show up tonight
  7. Looking like the Bears are back to completely inept on offense again.
  8. Adams,Jones,Moore Mahomes Bills Thx for the response on mine
  9. Nonppr and I'm about a 10 point favorite.
  10. Can't start Connor, so I need to roll with one of these two in my flex. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Now the Cub's #1 prospect according to BA along with an 80 grade fastball. Considering Hoerner was top 50 for BA last year and he slid to #2, it would seem likely that Marquez is now a top 50 guy.
  12. At this point, I'd be very surprised if one of Kris Bryant or Willson Contreras weren't dealt this winter.
  13. Usually the AFL is considered a hitter's paradise, but after the juiced balls this year at AAA the pitchers might actually prefer it.
  14. It's like he can't help himself. He has to run at least a couple weird a** plays a game.