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  1. Do Not Draft List next year.. unless hes my 3rd guard.. dude just flat out coasts... he plays exceptionally well for 4-5 games then takes a vacation for the next 5 games... averages out to a very mediocre guard. never ever again..
  2. Welcome to the Bledshow... par for the course
  3. and Ayton played 12 first half minutes.. just absolutely moronic...
  4. Agreed...I would add that we just haven’t seen a consistent sample size to project his he gets more consistent run he’s gong to figure some things out on the court 👍🏻
  5. his per minute stats have always been there... just waiting for the minutes..
  6. They are up 5 in LA w/ 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.. this will stick in the short term..
  7. Very fantasy friendly game! Run don’t walk in 14 team leagues..definite add in 12 teamers
  8. Hes balling tonight... hes worth a flyer in deep leagues for sure. Is he starting even with Teague back?
  9. He is going to be a better version of Chris Bosh.. Bosh 2.0 Bosh is also a hall of famer.. anyone who thinks taking Bagley over Doncic was "criminal" is pretty naive.. MJ was pick #3!! This is just a wasteless conversation..
  10. Back to Bagley and the Kings.. all I know is that Luke " MORON" Walton was given a talented ,young and playoff bound team? and found a way to COMPLETELY F' it up!! this guy should be fired and never given another chance to coach in the NBA again.. at least as a head coach.
  11. from the replay I’m going with a calf injury...3-4 weeks.. I’m no doctor but I stayed at a holiday inn last night..
  12. Look at LMA and Chris Bosh’ s career arches and numbers..Bagley will be very similar 👍🏻
  13. Yep. i can admit when I was wrong.. live , learn and move on! Though Bam was hovering around 60-65 ranking when i moved him.. he literally got efficient the day after I traded him! Hitting FTs, lowering TOs.. Started droppoing 7+ dimes a night.. it was just insane. If i didn't make that trade I would be killing it right now! Oh well.. hopefully Bagley gets going and gets me 50-60 type ranking.. I can still win my league if he gets there!