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  1. I would think that he'd be splitting time with Gardner and might get sat a lot late innings as a defensive replacement. Judge takes all the RF and Stanton probably slides in at DH most days, but he's for sure not starting everyday anymore. His saving grace is that his bat >> Gardner's but his defense is holding him back.
  2. Yeah, i think you get more value for Murphy and you don't have to sweat the injuries. for question 2 I think Tapia has the most upside
  3. 1 for 1 trade? Looking for vacuum value ROS
  4. which side would you prefer? H2H league, 6x6 (wins, whip, era, Ks, saves, holds)
  5. he's one start away from 3b/ss eligbility in Yahoo! leagues. would be nice!
  6. i think the gap between bird and freeman is bigger than between sale and a waiver wire pitcher.
  7. i think berrios has a better chance of being a top 10 pitcher vs rosario being a top 10 hitter. jmo i'd keep berrios
  8. you can do way better than this for freeman. dude is legit a top 10 fantasy hitter.
  9. stras side wins this pretty big unless its a 2 catcher league.
  10. so now that the streaks over, hes gotten some publicity. possible sell high? the thing is, a lot of this seems prettyyyy legit. .390 babip stands out (.345 last year). Otherwise, he's K'ing less and BB"ing more, and he also has a higher ISO than last year. most projections on fangraphs have him at ~20hr/10 steals by the end of the year.
  11. yeah but this guy has 5 of the rbis and 3 of the runs scored. so 8/10 runs. plus he got 2 of his doubles yesterday against scherzer.
  12. whats a guy gotta do to get some attention over here 2 hrs today, 2 doubles yesterday. straight up mashing