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  1. There's a reason why I call what Lance McCullers does the Tommy John Twist.
  2. Buster Posey bat wraps like a mofo... Pham's problem is Swing Length, but Bat Wrap isn't the problem. It's a Phony Flaw... Pham's problem is his Hands... The guys Eno talked to for his piece haven't produced any major league hitters. For a reason.
  3. "Wanted to know what (bat wrap) was and how bad or good it was since Tommy Pham told me he was trying to tone it down" Found what I was looking for. And what I was afraid of. I don't see Pham improving any time soon.
  4. Curious if anyone's seen the Sarris piece in The Athletic that discusses Tommy Pham and bat wrap. What's the gist?
  5. Well, that question is only the basis of my work... -
  6. Nope. That difference is how I evaluate injury risk, in part. But they are increasingly common because they are increasingly taught.
  7. Which is why I'm back. P.S. Seems like Ohtani just broke, which just sucks...
  8. Unsubstantiated? How about 4 years of consistent predictions, including uniformly negative assessments on the day of Reyes' first start back? Gleaned by following around on his rehab? Analysis Tweets
  9. Meant rotator cuffs are stronger (than in the past) due to all the conditioning work pitchers do. No amount of conditioning will allow pitchers to handle the overload their arms are now experiencing.
  10. The old "tweeting from multiple accounts to make it look like an emerging consensus" thing.
  11. Lat injuries are what I call a Greased Pig injury. Rotator Cuffs are stronger, so the failure point has shifted to a different point in the kinetic chain. Most often that's the Lat either up in the shoulder or in the lower/mid back (ala Kershaw). When Lats start getting stronger, the failure point will shift somewhere else, likely the Biceps and its tendons.
  12. You don't need to attend medical school to notice a pattern and make a prediction. In fact, I'd argue it probably helps. P.S. Here's the pattern I noticed, which Jeff Passan pooh-poohed in his book The Arm. The thing about predictions is they render irrelevant questions like yours. If you can predict what's going to happen to players, that suggests you understand what's going on. Regardless of who/what you are.
  13. What happened to Alex Reyes? Analysis Tweets A lot of people are blaming it on the Inverted W... But, if I had to classify his problem, I'd go with Scap Loading... ...or Flying Open... There's also the issue of his Tommy John Twist.